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Dance - Research Paper Example

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This has been a part of human history and culture since the earliest discovery of human life. Vivid drawings of people dancing under discovery dating back are still to the 30,000 and 10,000…
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Dance Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Dance"

Download file to see previous pages The Egyptians danced ceremoniously as a law by the pharaoh while in Hindus believed dancing to be sacred, as they believed the creator a dancer who danced through seasons.
In the ancient times, dancing was a form of worship for the early Christians. Most communities around the world danced in their own methods to show the mood that was in the atmosphere at the time. Dance evolves over time not only in the old days but even presently. Dancing varies with the type of music one is dancing to; romantic music tends to be slow and therefore should have a slow dance in order for the song to synchronize with the moves. I, however, prefer hip-hop dancing style, which involves popping, breaking and locking. It came into existence in the 1970’s with American crews popularizing it. The African-Americans have hip-hop as a culture and the dance has been a major identifier of the hip-hop culture.
This from of dance has continually gained popularity all around the world due to the many shows commercializing it. In the eighty’s the show soul train premiered the hip-hop shows with many topnotch dancers participating. This trend has been continually pulling a crowd with and the films starring hip-hop dance styles including ‘step-up revolution’, which premiered in 2012. Hip-hop is a street dance and after its development, it had to have choreography in order to attract professionalism. This led to the birth of jazz music. Jazz has a cool dancing style, which is a cooler more relaxed version of the hip-hop street dance.
The main distinguishing feature of hip-hop is that it depends mostly on improvisation from activities in the daily life. This dancing style started competitions between various hip-hop crews that known as dance battles. This dance is a way of entertainment for those who participate while to others it is a mode of livelihood and supporting themselves financially.
Hip-hop involves three major styles the first is breaking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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