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Any topc about flying by Olga Mukhina - Essay Example

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Olga Mukhina’s documentary play entitled “Flying” and translated by John Freedman proved to be a controversial and challenging literary discourse that delved into trying to peer into the lives of young adults who profess insights that are unconventional; yet comprehensibly…
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Any topc about flying by Olga Mukhina
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Extract of sample "Any topc about flying by Olga Mukhina"

Analysis of Olga Mukhina’s “Flying” al Affiliation Analysis of Olga Mukhina’s “Flying” Olga Mukhina’s documentary play en d “Flying” and translated by John Freedman proved to be a controversial and challenging literary discourse that delved into trying to peer into the lives of young adults who profess insights that are unconventional; yet comprehensibly part of their generation’s upbringing. For the purpose of complying with the requirements of the current essay, one aims to analyze the scene which perfectly symbolizes and personifies the play’s title: the scene where Blizzard was accosted by Volodya, a police officer, for drug-related violations. This scene is to be analyzed in relation to the treatment or depiction of time.
The scene actually was first described in Part Two of the play entitled Awe (Mukina, 2004, p. 55) where Blizzard, described as the VJ and streetfighting man, alleged that he has to go someplace for an interview. While he was looking for his car, which was a white Lexus, he was approached by Volodya, a character that Blizzard recognized to have seen somewhere. The reader could surmise that their initial encounter was actually at the café where the group initially met Bushy-Tail, the 17-year old waitress. It was in this café where Volodya apparently gave a suspicious glance at Blizzard for making advances to Bushy-Tail, whom Volodya was intently observing. As this, one recognized that there must have been some previous drug activities that Volodya was already apparently observing where Blizzard could have been identified as involved. Therefore, the setting and time element were clearly depicted to be related and where events were apparently intertwined.
Due to the suspicion for Blizzard’s apparent involvement in drug activities, he was further searched in his apartment by Volodya and in the presence of Blizzard’s friends: Orangina and Snowstorm. It was in this setting where Volodya found several more evidences of drugs and when the opportune time was noted, when the door to the hallway that traversed to Orangina’s apartment was seen, Blizzard evidently rushed outside of the window and it was at this moment that it was described that he was actually flying. The description of that particular moment seemed to be unrealistic since the moment seemed like eternity. The manner by which the event seemed to be prolonged was the author’s style of describing separate events and situations which go back and forth like a broken continuum. It was during Blizzard’s supposed flight when it was likewise vividly narrated that a dog, named Yo-Yo, supposedly observed the incident but failed to immediately and naturally react. When readers would pre-empt that what could have happened was Blizzard’s eminent death, it was therefore surprising that it was the dog that died and Blizzard was able to initially escape; before succumbing to captivity.
The next scene where Blizzard was in jail served as a reflective moment when he eventually realized that there have been many activities and endeavors in life that he supposedly regrets. His final thoughts were of Orangina, his next door neighbor and friend. Despite the unconventional manner by which the writer presented and documented the play, the scene pertaining to Blizzard was apparently clear and memorable. This particular scene effectively symbolized that man thinks in sporadic ways; tending to be reflective of the past and looking forward to the future, all at the same time. In the end, what really matters most is that one gets to spend life with someone – identified to be the interest of one’s love. As aptly averred by Blizzard, he has finally realized that the only thing important in life is love.
Mukina, O. (2004). Flying. The Mercurian, 31-73. Read More
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Any Topc about Flying by Olga Mukhina Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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