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Discussion: Online Collaboration - Assignment Example

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Web 2.0 tools is a broad classification of various technologies and tools that are used on various websites to make it possible for other people other than web developers to edit or add content to a website in essence turning the website from a read only website to a read/write…
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Discussion: Online Collaboration
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Discussion Online Collaboration Using Web 2.0 Tools in Nursing School Curricula What are Web 2.0 Tools? Web 2.0 tools is a broad classification of various technologies and tools that are used on various websites to make it possible for other people other than web developers to edit or add content to a website in essence turning the website from a read only website to a read/write website. Some of these collective tools that are classified as web 2.0 tools include such tools as wikis, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, mash-ups, instant messaging, really simple syndication (RSS) and collaborative document sharing tools (Solomon & Schrum 2007).
A key feature of these tools is that these tools help in making online collaboration possible. Users are able to comment, create, share content or even edit information on the webpage as opposed to relying on the web page author to do all this.
The Use of the Web 2.0 Tool Wiki in Online Nursing Education Practice
Wikis are basically websites that host open forums. These forums allow authorized users to add and edit content onto the website. Such forums are increasingly being used by lecturers as they make it possible for students to participate and conduct group work sessions. This is especially useful for online learning courses as the use of wikis makes it possible for students who may happen to geographically live far from each other to participate in group work sessions (Bradshaw & Lowenstein 2011).
The technology works by the tutor forming the students into groups and creating an outline for the website. This outline is essential for demarcating the information that is to be posted by each group to specific pre arranged parts of the website. This is made easier by asking the different groups to arrange their postings according to the table of contents. One of the main disadvantages of wikis is that the uncontrolled and random editing and addition of information can be perceived as potentially leading to a situation where the information in the website is not well organized leading to what can basically be termed as a “chaotic information space”.
The Usability of Wikis Technology in the Facilitation of Nursing Education
The use of wikis in Nursing Education can make the learning process easier and more interesting for students. Faculty members can also be able to monitor and assess the wiki page so as to be able to gauge the progress of the class based on the postings made by the students onto the page. These postings are normally good indicators of the overall comprehension of the various lessons by the students (McGonigle & Mastrian 2012).
Incorporating the Use of Wikis into an Online Learning Situation that Happens to be of Interest to me.
I would incorporate the use of wikis into my education experience. This is mainly because wikis can potentially help students get different viewpoints, tips and pointers from other students that might be of benefit to them. This would especially be useful in online learning as it is sometimes very difficult for one to obtain extra learning material related to the course. The use of Wikis can help create a forum that would basically allow one to simply post a question and other students can help by posting comments and links that can help in solving the problem (Kidd & Chen 2009).

Solomon G., & Schrum L., (2007). Web 2.0: new tools, new schools. Eugene, Or. : International Society for Technology in Education.
Bradshaw J. M., & Lowenstein J. A., (2011). Innovative teaching strategies in nursing and related health professions. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
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Kidd T., T., & Chen I., (2009) Wired for learning: an educators guide to web 2.0. Charlotte, N.C.: IAP, Information Age Pub. Read More
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Discussion: Online Collaboration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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