Southern Culture Class What direction is the South heading in Politically - Assignment Example

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The survey indicated the country to have at least nine different political classes. Latest findings indicate the Southern states to be inherently conservative particularly those…
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Southern Culture Class What direction is the South heading in Politically
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Southern Politics According to a report released by Pew Research Center, the US has a complicated political topology. The survey indicated the country to have at least nine different political classes. Latest findings indicate the Southern states to be inherently conservative particularly those inhibited by white voters. However, the territory is drifting towards been a blue state due to influence of immigrants.
The conservative aspect associated with southern politics has its root in the era of slave trade. Since much of southern states wealth was inform of slaves, farm owners were skeptical about the end of slavery. The southerners have maintained their conservativeness into modern day politics. Southern states have been known to support Republican presidential aspirants since they consider them conservative. For instance in the 1980 elections, the Southerners supported Ronald Regan who supported the conservative movement. Regan’s economic and foreign policies supported ant-communism. George W. Bush created a new generation of conservatives, following his success in the 2000 elections. The southerners supported his policies, which included the 10-year tax reduction policies. Other conservative elements celebrated during his leadership, included invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq (Facing South Web). In 2008, Barak Obama won the presidency under the Democratic Party ticket. However, the southerners supported John McCain the republican presidential aspirants. The trend of voting and support for conservative parties among the southerners indicates the conservative trend in the southern states politics. The Tea Party Movement, which originated from the southern states, also indicates the conservative aspect of southern politics. The Ashe county of North Carolina is also included in the southern voting bloc. A large section of North Carolina falls in the Bible belt, which has been described as one of the most conservative region.
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