Factors Affecting the Rise of Military Rules in South-American Countries in 20th Century - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the main reasons behind the rise of military rules in Latin American countries in the middle of the 20th century. As the research shows, economic instability in these countries cannot be referred to as the only reason for the rise of military rule…
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Factors Affecting the Rise of Military Rules in South-American Countries in 20th Century
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Download file to see previous pages This essay presents a thorough analysis of various preconditions for the rise of military rule in most of South-American countries in the 20th century. The rise of military governments of Chile, Brazil and Argentina can be attributed to a series of events in the local and international politics, starting from the times when Europeans left these states which ended on the emergence of Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis.
During the 19th century, South America remained isolated from the rest of the world because of many reasons; however the 20th century observed a reversal of this trend and the governments and people of South America wanted to end this isolation and started looking out for means through which they could interact with the world for the collective benefit of all. The economic growth triggered in the northern part of the land mass encouraged the states in the south to follow the footsteps but their pursuit of economic stability was always hindered by political instability and social immobility . As a result civil wars, political assassinations, coups and military rules became the hallmark of the politics of this region during the middle of the 20th century. The power struggle in world politics after the Second World War also contributed to the instability of the region.
The possession of lands in the hands of a very small minority of people was the reason behind the slow economic growth because the cheap labor never forced the landowners to look for modern methods of agriculture and increasing production.
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Factors Affecting the Rise of Military Rules in South-American Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1581684-factors-affecting-the-rise-of-military-rules-in-south-american-countries-in-20th-century.
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