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Green transportation - Research Paper Example

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It will talk about the alternative methods of keeping the world greener and safer place to live in through the use of green transportation.
The problem of pollution or global warming is a…
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Green transportation
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Extract of sample "Green transportation"

Download file to see previous pages Any means of transport that has low impacts on the environment including non-motorized transport are regarded as green transport. The energy produced from the sources of energy that are environmentally friendlier relative to the fossil fuel is defined as green energy. All renewable sources of energy are therefore included in green energy and according to the definition nuclear energy can also be included under green energy.
Research is in progress around the world to explore new paths that will bring out solutions to the environmental hazards that human beings have to face in the present world. All scientists are of the opinion that increased use of renewable sources of energy can be one potent solution to this problem. Sustainable development and renewable energy uses share an intimate connection. The research acts as the evidence on the importance of keeping the environment pollution free and how using green transportation can emerge as the contributing factor. The results from the research will aware people more on using environment friendly modes of transportation that are fuel efficient and cheap. Apart from the environment point of view the project has an economic viewpoint as well. The less developed countries which lack oil reserves, a significant part of the budget have to be kept to buy oil. Foreign currency moves out of the country and those countries fail to break the vicious circle of inequality.
An average automobile in United States achieves a fuel economy of 11.6Km/kg. The economy is equivalent to the rate of energy consumption. The figure is 2.5MJ/km for OECD countries. The extraction, transportation as well as refining of automotive fuel necessitate almost 20 percent of crude oil energy (Ulrich, 2006, 8). The usage of energy causes pollution to the environment. Now t is assumed that an individual owns a bicycle and uses it while travelling. Such activities cause zero ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Green Transportation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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