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Online discussion for Human Resources Management in Healthcare - Essay Example

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It is irrefutable the thriving of any organization depends on how the incumbent managers handle their human asset, which is contrary to what numerous people think; it is via offering high salaries. Since, employees’ performance mainly depends on the working environment and…
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Online discussion for Human Resources Management in Healthcare
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Online discussion for Human Resources Management in Healthcare Key Words: Organization, employees, Practitioners, Management, Employee retention, Environment,
It is irrefutable the thriving of any organization depends on how the incumbent managers handle their human asset, which is contrary to what numerous people think; it is via offering high salaries. Since, employees’ performance mainly depends on the working environment and other facets implemented to boost their morale (Zipf & Engle, 2008). Hence, it is the mandate of the managers to ensure that employees operate in a favorable environment that will boost their morale besides offering them high salaries (Zipf & Engle, 2008). However, the task sometimes may tend to be particularly tricky especially when it is, a healthcare organization and the manager has to operate within a limited budget. Hence, this shuns the manager from thinking of ever increasing the employees’ monetary rewards but result to other ways to retain the staff.
The plan
Employee development
Medical field owing to its dynamic nature, which keeps in pace with technological knowhow; mostly prompts practitioners into developing themselves in their respective careers. Therefore, the plan will be effective if it motivates medical practitioners in the firm to advance in their careers (Zipf & Engle, 2008). However, due to the firm’s limited budget, managers can organize internal training sessions where more experienced practitioners are able to share their knowhow especially with the juniors. To arouse this desire, the healthcare facility ought to create an environment where people are free to interact and even organize internal workshops for their juniors or the new recruits.
Wellness program
Workers’ health is extremely essential despite them being the one who would work towards the wellness of the patients. Therefore, the management ought to ensure that, the healthcare facility has effective wellness initiatives meant for workers wellbeing. This does not imply management should strain the already limited budget, but introduce cheaper programs. These may encompass internal workouts days, campaigns against certain health predicaments (like obesity) besides organizing medical check ups for the practitioners. However, these initiatives should not turn to be an extra financial burden to the budget but should be within its limit.
Innovation recognition
Employees usually feel appreciated and motivated especially if the organization’s management recognizes their exceptional contribution towards attaining its goals (Zipf & Engle, 2008). This is especially when they devise something new and uncommon in other organizations that will aid in raising their competitive advantage. This recognition plan may entail sometimes aligning the involved individuals for promotion to higher positions in case there are vacancies or instead of external recruitment. Consequently, this will motivate employees where they will start having the organization’s interests at heart and resolve to rededicate their efforts into achieving the set targets (Zipf & Engle, 2008).
Creating favorable working environment
Favorable working surroundings for employees entails where they will not experience stress or other conflict related problems. Therefore, managers ought to work towards devising effective conflict resolution mechanisms meant to deal with disagreements in all levels. This helps in shunning unnecessary tensions among the employees besides enabling them to work in harmony, thus creating a friendly environment. Hence, prompt practitioners to develop a sense of belonging besides teamwork among them. This is particularly essential because medical field entails practitioners to work together in undertaking their varied tasks, for illustration in operating rooms.
Zipf, S. & Engle, M. (2008). Motivate staff to work for good of the whole. MGMA Connexion / Medical Group Management Association, 8(9), 37-38. Read More
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