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Markting - Term Paper Example

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Waiting at the airports can be boring or tiresome. ( The company is at the introduction stage. The location will create customer convenience and reduce…
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Extract of sample "Markting"

Company contact information Company SLEEPBOX Company address: 17-2 Moscow , Russia, 125009
Contact phone number: (+7) 903 171 52 52
Contact e-mail address:
Competitive advantage and positioning
The main competitive edge of the company is the strategic location to customer traffic in the airports. Waiting at the airports can be boring or tiresome. ( The company is at the introduction stage. The location will create customer convenience and reduce the service delivery costs.
The core service product is sleep products but the company will offer other extended services such as phone charging, bathrooms and toilet facilities. Our company will differentiate its service offering through value addition. Some of the extended services to be offered in the sleep boxes to the customers include pull-down seats where customers can relax for study, sleeping shades that block out light, air conditioners, alarm clocks, and water dispensers. The company will also provide free Wi-Fi internet access, luggage storage area, and electrical sockets for phone or laptop charging.
The main competitive edge of our company is the strategic location next to airport. Some travelers may be unfamiliar with the city, the sleep boxes will provide them the opportunity to relax and rest. Our company has a competitive edge since many visitors will avoid the hassle of looking for a hotel or moving around with their baggage. The location of our company has ensured customer convenience and reduced the costs of delivering the services to our target customers. The company is located in rented airport facilities that are secure and friendly thus enabling the customers to attain unique relaxation experience.
Our company has positioned itself as the low cost provider of per pay hour sleeping services provider in major airports. The aggressive pricing strategy will involve billing the customer per the number of hours they wish to use the sleep box. The hourly rates will be twice cheaper than the rates charged by hostels and hotels in the adjacent cities.
Our company will promote its services through bill boards at the airport entrance and exit points. The company will also utilize the word of mouth to expand its market share and gain brand recognition. There are few companies offering such sleep boxes services thus the company will increase its target market share without any stiff competition in the industry. Our company will streamline the service delivery process by ensuring customer convenience and fostering customer loyalty. All the required services will be delivered promptly and bed sheets will be changed immediately. Our company will be able to provide the physical evidence to the customers.
Our company will also segment the market and offer various types of sleep boxes depending on the customer requirements. The company will provide single occupancy, double and group occupancy sleep boxes depending on the number of visitors willing to share the sleep box. For instance, a group of three people will more likely prefer to occupy the group occupancy sleep box. Another competitive advantage of our company is the highly trained personnel who will be responsible for hygiene and attending to visitor requests promptly. The customer service staff will be required to offer additional services such as arranging for the taxi services to the nearest city on behalf of customers.
Branding, packaging and labeling
Our company is at the introduction stage, and customers are not much aware of the services. The company will create brand equity and recognition through requiring all staff to wear company uniforms that have the address and logo of the company. The company will also advertise through bill boards in the airport facilities such as the airport entrance and exit points. Since the company provides only services that are intangible and inseparable, we plan to utilize the word-of mouth through offering unique experience to the customers. We plan to attain brand recognition as a company that provides secure, cheap, and reliable and hygienic airport sleep boxes in the industry. Our company will label the facilities, the bed sheets, the chairs, televisions and luggage storage area in order to promote the company and also make the service experience memorable.
Due to the intangibility of the services, the customers will find it difficult to measure the value of the service. Our company will address this challenge by providing a secure and friendly sleeping environment. The sleep boxes will be well designed and decorated in order to create an ambient sleeping and resting environment. Since the service is inseparable, the company will hire highly qualified and trained customer care staff to offer the services. The company will differentiate the service through other added services like free internet access, televisions, and mobile charging. We will encourage customers to book and pay in advance for their sleep boxes and bill the customers for only the hours spent using the sleep box (Rao 68).
Our customer will address all potential service gaps. Our company will encourage feedback and suggestions from the customers by requesting them to rate the quality of our services and offer any recommendations for improvement. The company will provide suggestion boxes in all sleep houses. The company will also provide feedback forms to all customers in order to ensure that the quality expectations have been attained. SLEEPBOX will also design a service charter that outlines the expected standards of service quality. All employees will be trained on the service charter, and the steps to follow in order to meet the expected service standards (Rao 69).
Works cited:
Rao, Moahana. Services marketing. New Delhi. Pearson. 2011. Read More
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Markting Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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