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War against terrorism is fought physically as well as psychologically also and to win the psychological war, US has to enter into battle of ideas also. There has been growing evidence from Muslim countries indicating that the support for terrorism is on the decline as well as…
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Battle of Ideas War against terrorism is fought physically as well as psychologically also and to win the psychological war, US has to enter into battle of ideas also. There has been growing evidence from Muslim countries indicating that the support for terrorism is on the decline as well as many Muslims now believe that it is unislamic to actually engaged into suicide bombings. US can actually exploit those cracks into the overall emerging thinking in Muslim countries and convert them into weaknesses for Al-Qaeda at least to reduce the number of new recruits for the organization. The findings mentioned in the article actually highlights the overall weaknesses in the ideology of Islamic terrorist organizations and US can actually take efforts to help modern elements within Muslim countries to encourage such thinking.
As discussed in the article, the overall battle is not only fought based upon the physical strength of the enemy but also upon the overall psychology, beliefs and ideas of the enemy too. US, due to its military and political power can subvert the governments however; the war on terror is relatively a different war. Islamic terrorist organizations are also making efforts to win it through ideas and raising general sentiments against West and US.
Winning the battle of ideas therefore is of critical importance as it will not only allow US to reduce the number of supporters but can also help in future to actually allow more Modern Muslims to become the voice of Islamic world and not the extremists. Read More
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