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Disrupting Terror Group Finances to Exploit Weaknesses in Terrorist Organizations - Research Paper Example

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As such, various government agencies renewed their efforts to apprehend known terrorists and to interrupt their operations…
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Disrupting Terror Group Finances to Exploit Weaknesses in Terrorist Organizations
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Extract of sample "Disrupting Terror Group Finances to Exploit Weaknesses in Terrorist Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages In most activities, finances or money are often needed. This is not an exception for terrorist organizations that need the financial support of supporters in order to carry out their goals. Based on known accounts, most of their finances come from donations from sympathizers and from their numerous economic enterprises. Since their members, including their donors, are mostly located in different parts of the world, their funds also have to be moved and have to change hands. Where interruptions to the smooth flow of these finances would be interrupted, the terrorist activities would also likely be interrupted. This is the basis of this discussion. It shall discuss the general flow of finances for terrorist organizations, and how disruptions in these finances would impact on the organization itself. It will also discuss whether or not such disruptions would be sufficient in exploiting the weaknesses of terrorist organizations. This paper is being carried out in order to provide readers more specific scenarios on how disruptions on finances impact on terrorist organizations.
Terrorists, as in most businesses or other undertakings require funds to operate. These funds are usually allocated to finance payments for operatives, travel expenses, training, forging of documents, bribes, weapons, and suicide attacks (Financial Action Task Force, 2008). Funding for these activities may primarily be allocated for direct operational support and secondly for broader operational activities (FATF, 2008). Direct operational funding usually includes: direct costs of attacks, like bombs, vehicles, maps, and the like; salaries, communications; food and subsistence; training and travel; and logistics or communication (FATF, 2008). The broader allocations include funds allocated for the support of the organization. This may include the recruitment of members, support of complicit charitable organizations and other businesses, including mass media ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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