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Management - Essay Example

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At least in every five computers in use today, three run on Intel chips. This is an American company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Started in 1968, the company has single handedly fostered researches on…
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Extract of sample "Management"

Management Intel is arguably the leading chip manufacturer in the world. At least in every five computers in use today, three run on Intel chips. This is an American company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Started in 1968, the company has single handedly fostered researches on information technology from which faster, smaller, and more efficient chips have developed. Through increased studies and continued progressive improvements on the chips introduced in the market, the company has continued to earn more credibility and credit for quality assurance in its products. These factors have enable the firm be the best semiconductor chip manufacturer globally.
The company currently enjoys a wider market and increased profits. The two factors are of essence in the existence of a business. Intel thus has a number of strengths and these include effective marketing. There is no doubt to the fact that the firm has one of the best marketing teams in the world. The company manufactures information technology devices. It is therefore more likely for the firm’s employees to be technologically savvy. Such a team knows what to do to result in increased publicity for products. Within no time, the products and services of the business are uploaded onto the social networking platforms alongside the other conventional media. The social media offers clients a unique opportunity to stay a head of their competition; the customer literally interacts with possible clients who may develop customer infatuation with products (Alexander 128).
Besides the extensive and very elaborate advertisement parameters, the company enjoys a favorable reputation. This factor comes from the fact that it has existed for a very long time and is arguably among the pioneers of modern day computing technology. The high quality of its chips is thus known and highly regarded. Such occurrences make clients develop loyalty with the given products. Customer loyalty as well as interpersonal recommendation is the most effective form of advertisement. With these, the firm enjoys positivity and commands a large customer base globally.
Additionally, the firm currently enjoys the increased revenue because of the market segment it targets. It is common knowledge that the market is divided into two; there are those who shop while attaching more importance to the price of the commodity while there are those who attach heir shopping decisions on the quality of the products. Subscribers having a belief in quality will buy any good regardless of its price provided the quality is high. It is this market segment that the firm targeted. Fortunately, the firm succeeded in having its customers develop loyalty which is indisputably un changeable.
A business is vulnerable to uncertainties. There are trends that can possibly stay unknown till they set in and compromise normal operations. Intel currently has such challenges. The main challenge is competition. Through time, there has been an increase in the number of companies that manufacture computer chips. Samsung is the new chip manufacturer in the industry. Based on this, rivaling Samsung on advertisement is not going to be an effective solution. The firm has to invest in research as well as development to come up with competitive products that can meet customers’ demands (Alexander 78).
In retrospect, Intel’s financial position is sound. It is a company that is interested in the development t of more chips. This they do by perfecting their previous versions to include more features into the products of the company.
Work Cited
Alexander, Barry. International Financial Reporting and Analysis (5th edition). Oxford: Oxford university press, 2010. Print. Read More
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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 31.
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