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Discussion Board Questions - Essay Example

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Before taking a job based on the salary, it is imperative for a college student to consider the development opportunities that exist in the company…
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Discussion Board Questions
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Extract of sample "Discussion Board Questions"

9th November Discussion questions Question One of the major challenges faced by individuals who are looking for jobs is to get the job that is compatible with their skills. Before taking a job based on the salary, it is imperative for a college student to consider the development opportunities that exist in the company. Major ways of developing employee’s skills include training, part time courses in the universities among others. One of the aspects of a highly paid job is that an employee is needed to work hard and more hours in order to justify the high pay he or she is receiving. In this regard, high paying jobs may not allow a college student ample opportunity to take extra studies during working hours. In the same way, there may be limited opportunities for college students and new graduates based on their less experience. For a college student on job hunting, it is vital to consider opportunity as compared to salary. This is based on the fact that even the low paying jobs require reasonable skills that a college student may not posses.
Question 2
Unions improve the productivity of employees in various ways. First, by allowing employees to join labor unions it makes them to feel secured in their employment. As a result of security, they feel motivated thus making them more productive. It is worth to note that workers are not only motivated by high salaries but also efforts by the management to address their problems. It is through unions that employee’s grievances can be sent to the employers. Another way through which union enhances employee’s productivity is by training them on their rights and responsibilities. Through such training, employees are aware of how to effectively perform their duties as well as solving of internal conflicts thus giving them opportunities for promotions and more benefits. Unions help in negotiation process and solving the problems between the employers and the employees without use of violence and destruction. Cofer and Appley 26 argue that this allows employees to be part and parcel of the negotiation process leading to improved employees self esteem and enhanced workers performance.
Question 3
Management has a responsible for allowing its workers to join a pay negotiation with the unions. It is worth to note that organisations fail due to lack of effective collective bargaining. In this regard, management must allow ample opportunities to unions to give their views on the salaries. This implies that it is the responsibility of the management to provide information regarding the amount of salaries and benefits offered to the employees. Management should also allow employees to choose their representative as a way of ensuring that the negotiation process is just and that all the rights of all stakeholders are considered.
Our political leaders have not negotiated well with public unions. As a result, majority of local and international companies have experienced strikes and go slow from the workers. It is worth to note that despite the significant role played by unions, political leaders use them for their own political gains. This does not only cause leadership problems in the unions but also it creates mistrust among political leaders, union members and the workers.
Works Cited
Cofer, Charles and Appley, Mortimer. Motivation: Theory and Research. Sydney: John Wiley & Sons, 1967. Print. Read More
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Discussion Board Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
“Discussion Board Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2”, n.d.
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