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History The World - Essay Example

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It includes efforts to define morality on a wider scope in reference to Darwin’s theory on the Descent of Man. The theory dictates that morality is a unique human…
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Extract of sample "History The World"

From what point of view is each of the documents written? The document defining the meaning of morality focuses on theories articulated by Charles Darwin in 1871 and 1888. It includes efforts to define morality on a wider scope in reference to Darwin’s theory on the Descent of Man. The theory dictates that morality is a unique human attribute not present in other animals in the world. This means that the morality issue associates with humans only. The document on the evolution of morality pays attention to beliefs that morality is a continuously evolving behavior. According to Darwin and Huxley, tribes in the past expressed a sense of competition in virtues of morality. In this regard, it focuses on explaining morality in evolution stages. The emotion and morality document suggests that emotions play a role in the evolutionary stages of morality. Different human emotions either boost the development or the destruction of morality. The document highlighting empathy and morality makes formidable conclusions that all societies have rules and guidelines dictating morality. In short, this document’s point of view is the expected behaviors in reference to people in the society. According to William James, the purpose and morality document pays attention to efforts in trying to establish the role of morality in a society. It reviews the roles played by morality in shaping the world as a better place.
Which statements in each document might historians find unreliable and which would they find more useful?
The document defining morality refers to Charles Darwin’s contradicting statement that states that one cannot accurately determine the contents of morality. In contradiction, the document leaves out considerations of accurate data that reflects the choices between what is right from wrong. The evolution and morality document has an unreliable statement describing problems in natural selection that helps individuals and their offspring to adopt to moral issues in the tribe. An alternative to this statement is the fact that morality is a single element and the success of the tribe relates to the success of related tribes, in reference to Charles Darwin. The document linking emotions to morality sights an unreliable statement that states emotions help organisms in dealing with adverse changes in the environment. In contrast, a more useful statement to historians is the categorization of emotions and how they affect morality in humans.
What elements of religious thought or practice can you identify in these icons?
Some of the religious practices exercised in this document include the belief that man did not evolve on their own, but rather, through creation. Darwin’s theory proposes the evolution of man through various stages from fish and other beings into a more developed human that reasons. Other religious thoughts include need to do right from wrong in avoiding punishment from an unseen being. Also the consideration of others is an example of a religious considerations and practices in reference to morality.
In what ways were these religious icons represented artistically?
The rebuttal of Darwin’s theory on the evolvement of man is a way that the icon is brought to light artistically. The theory proposed that man came from numerous evolution stages of animals to the current human. This creates an imagery of the different stages man went through to the current state. The artistic representation of doing right from wrong dictates the fears instilled in people when making the choices of either doing right or wrong. In other words, societal norms are an unseen being that punishes wrongdoers and also dictates the consideration of others so as to achieve unified success. Read More
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History The World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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