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Human Sexuality Aspects - Essay Example

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Human sexuality encompasses more than anatomy and sexual responses, and takes into consideration the way we take part in relationships and behaviors, which define our needs and sexual…
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Human Sexuality Aspects
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Extract of sample "Human Sexuality Aspects"

Human Sexuality Human sexuality is an area of research and study that focuses on people as sexual beings. Human sexuality encompasses more than anatomy and sexual responses, and takes into consideration the way we take part in relationships and behaviors, which define our needs and sexual personality in addition to our general sexual health, welfare, our perceptions and jargons. Understanding and coming into contact with sexual subjects, activities, and how they are subjects of our lives and situations regulate in what way we respond to some circumstances, other people, and more significantly, relationships. Human sexuality deals more with emotional responses as principles, standards, and duties. Movies as a media of communication, has an enormous effect in the manner in which it has shaped the way people relate and engage in sexual activities. Human sexuality directly or indirectly has influences in many areas of life that pertains to human beings.
Human sexuality affects the society in numerous ways. For example, it influences persons in the sociocultural aspect. Different people have different cultures and share different views on sexual behaviors and what people perceives to be wrong in different parts of the world. Movies have played a played a major role in influencing the way people perceive sexual activities. For instance, most characters in movies engage in sexual activities before marriage, which is a forbidden practice among many religious groups. Though most persons will try their best to follow religious rules, they will also try their very best to keep secrets of how they engage in sexual activities. People do this in order to avoid critisims or even being punished. Moreover, sexual activities in movies in addition to beliefs of a person and their religious backgrounds as well as personal experiences and behaviors can have even a stronger influence in an individual or a group of people. Such influences from movies include influencing the way children are taught about sexuality by their parents. This is because children tend to emulate in behavior what they watch on movies. Often, young children look for guidance through media on what are both socially acceptable or not. The media tends to help shape the attitudes of children on what they like and what they do not. Movies show attractive cast people in the lead roles (Bancroft 7).
Human sexuality also plays a major role in influencing the way people in the society behaves and communicates to each other. More often than not, human behavior is determined by the ability or inability to communicate the feelings of others and their emotions to sexual partners in their relationship. Sufficient communication abilities facilitate couples to express diverse aspects of the affiliation with one another and assist to deal with difficulties or negative emotions. Movies have influenced largely the way they expose everything about themselves to a potential partner. Movies have also influenced the way people confide to their partners. Lately, the media discusses sex much openly than before. Nevertheless, the mass media still uses women as role models for entertaining a man. This has changed the way people perceive the role of women in relationship therefore shaping relationships (Hock 5).
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