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I was quite nervous and unconfident since I am shy person. However, after the food day event, I became confident and relax to talk to other people effectively.
I learnt effective planning and…
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Food Day
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Food Day Did you gain any skills from your participation in food day? Yes, I gained many skills including:
Speaking skill:
At the beginning of the event, I had difficulties in communicating to other people. I was quite nervous and unconfident since I am shy person. However, after the food day event, I became confident and relax to talk to other people effectively.
I learnt effective planning and organization skills. For example, in the pre-event organization, my team and I scheduled numerous weekly meetings where we organized ourselves on how to attendances to questions during the event.
Active Listening:
The necessity of listing towards providing verbal and nonverbal feedback aligned my focus on the person speaking so that I could provide appropriate feedback to their concerns. This was an effect or evidence that I was actively listening.
Teamwork and Collaboration:
During the preparation and at the event, we worked in a team. For example, our team composed Libby, Katie and I. Libby led the team most time and working together, we followed, monitored the progress, and met deadlines throughout the pre and post event activities.
Conflict Resolution:
In the entire process, I was able to negotiate, persuade, and resolve conflicts towards perusing our plan.
2. Did you gain any insights about your chosen major/ profession?
The events of the Food Day enlightened me on my profession. From the event, I have understood many facts and perspectives regarding human nutrition. It was very exciting when people inquired about economical and be environment friendly. Additionally, I realized that people are ever interested to learn things regarding living healthy and economically sound or viable.
3. Did you take on a role that you haven’t tried before? How did you do?
It was my first time address a public gathering. However, at the beginning, it seemed difficult, but after a while I got used to it and I loved this experience. At the end, I was very happy with confident and composure I learnt from this experience.
4. Did you feel like your efforts made a difference? Examples?
Yes, my efforts made a different both to the occasion and my life experience. For example, most of the attendances were interested in our teams and inquired more about our stuff and how they can obtain it. In addition, I felt most of them were very interested on our displays and they wanted us to information more on how they can save more.
5. What did you like about your information table?
I liked the samples we displayed on our information table because it helped us to provide accurate information. Furthermore, I liked our handout because it had simple and easy information. Lastly, I liked how we organized our table; we divided it in two sides. On one side, we placed the green sample and the other side there was the bottle water, Ziploc bag, coffee cup, and plastic bag.
6. What would you do differently with your information table?
I would add more examples of green samples and have a calculator to let them calculate the difference prices of the green samples and the other stuff. The calculation would have help them know how and how much to save.
7. Please, give input on all other junior tables?
All juniors worked very hard towards the success of this event. Notably, all the tables had titles related to their topic or area of interest. Juniors contacted each other to eliminate the possibilities of repetitive topic or idea in the event.
8. Please give input on all senior tables?
All seniors worked extremely hard with us to ensure that each main topic relate to the subtopics within the juniors category. During the event, they divided themselves into two groups. One group focused on the tables and talked to the people while the other group was focused on the organization so that the event could be a success. Moreover, they perfectly organized their table, making it easy to know their theme even before inquiring from them.
9. Please give input on the overall event in the Hub?
The event was lovely and successful. Personally, I loved the event for many reasons. First, there was a perfect and unique Communication among all groups in attendance. Secondly, the event was very well organized and I think was mainly because of Tammy’s enormous effort and input. Moreover, the gust booths and the information were profoundly organized that eased the flow of people. Finally, I can say that the theme of the Food Day was it clear; however, initially it seemed quite impossible to understand; nonetheless, it became quite easy and natural at the end.
10. Please give input on the reception?
Despite the fact that I did not go the reception, I have heard that it was very good and people liked it. People liked the food such as onion jam and goat cheese bread. I also heard that the reception was well organized and it successfully help people to understand the theme or massage of the event.
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