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The game involves vertical jumps combined with explosive powers. Volleyball plyometric training program should be informed by the fact that power is a subject of speed, as well as strength of muscular contractions…
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Plyometric Training Program for the Volleyball Players for Pre-season Phase Plyometric Training Program for the Volleyball Players for Pre-season Phase
Volleyball requires training on power, speed and agility. The game involves vertical jumps combined with explosive powers. Volleyball plyometric training program should be informed by the fact that power is a subject of speed, as well as strength of muscular contractions (Baechle, Earle, 2008). Volleyball plyometric program should be aimed at conditioning the neuromuscular systems, improving the impulse force. At the same time, the effectiveness would be limited if basic strength is lacking. Furthermore, as far as agility is concerned, emphasis should be laid upon the neuromuscular systems, joints and connective tissues. Other considerations include the frequency of single drills, as well as the number of drill session per week.
a. Safety Considerations
The session should begin by crosschecking the safety consideration. Players should be free and well rested. They should be free of injuries in the limbs and arms that require exercising (Mcardle, 2000).
b. Warm Up
After successful safety considerations, the session should proceed with a warm up. Begin by combining dynamic and static warm to achieve all desirable results (Mcardle, 2000). Players should do begin by slight running, going around the court two times, making a few stretching and jogging and Plyometric jumps. Warm up serves two functions. First, it prepares muscles for the explosive plyometrics. Secondly, it is one of the first stages of acquainting with plyometrics, especially for the novice (Taylor & Beashel, 1996).
c. Drop Jumping
This training entails dropping on grounds from an upper surface, followed by a jump-up. A drop-down during the eccentric phase offers the muscles the pre-stretch, as well as a vigorous upward drive during the contraction phase. The effectiveness of the exercise is only effective if the time that the feet touch the ground is short. The exercise loading is determined by the dropping height, which should be about 0.7 to 1.1 meters (Taylor & Beashel, 1997). Three sets of jumps should be performed, each with 10 repetitions.
d. Bounding and hurdling
In bounding, oversized strides are employed for the running action while time is spent in the air. Bound that involve two legs minimize the endured impact. The intensity may be increased by hopping or even single-leg bounding. Upstairs’ bounding improves the horizontal of movement. Three sets bounding and hurdling should be performed, each with 10 repetitions.
e. Hand Clap and press ups
Hand claps and press ups, done in alterations, is one way in which the chest and the arms can be conditioned. Pre-stretch occurs as the hands swing back to the ground and as the chest sinks. This is immediately followed by the upward explosive actions. Three sets hand clap and press ups should be performed, each with 10 repetitions. This is aimed at benefitting the upper body
f. Medicine ball
This dill is aimed at benefitting the upper body, as well. This One of the means to increase the boosting and punching technique is lie on the ground and face upwards. One person throws the ball on the chest of the person to repel it using arms. This is high intensity drill and should only come after the players are used to other high body. Three sets medicine ball should be performed, each with 10 repetitions.
a. Safety Considerations
The session should begin by crosschecking the safety consideration. Players should be free and well rested free of injuries.
b. Warm Up
Players should do begin by slight running, going around the court two times, making a few stretching and jogging and Plyometric jumps, combining static and dynamic warm up.
Lateral Jumps of the barrier
Players shall begin by standing with feet about 50 centimeters apart, with right hand side facing the barriers. The players hop over the barrier using both feet. The players jump back to the other barrier side. These are repeated according o the prescriptions. Three sets should be performed, each with 10 repetitions (Taylor & Beashel, 1996).
c. Lateral high hop
The players stand on the box’s left side, placing the right foot on top. The box is pushed using the right leg enabling the body to explode high up. The players drive the arms forward and go up for the maximum height. They land on the opposite side and repeats using the left foot, in the reverse direction. These steps are repeated based on the prescriptions. It is recommended that the players make a set of the lateral jumps, each with ten repetitions.
d. Single Arm throw
The plays shall begin by standing with feet about 50 centimeters apart. The hand is placed under the medicine ball and the lower body is positioned into a semi squat. Next, the players explode up and throw the ball into the air. This is aimed at throwing the ball the maximum height and generating the leg power. The ball is caught on the bounce and procedure repeated (Taylor & Beashel, 1997). Three sets of single arm throw; each with ten repetitions is adequate.
e. Wall throw
The players should stand before a wall, one foot away. The feet should be positioned together and be in slightly bent position. Players throw and catch the ball bouncing from the wall. Three sets wall throw should be performed, each with 10 repetitions.
Baechle, T. & Earle, W. (2008). Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning. IL: Human Kinetics.
Mcardle, W. et al. (2000). Essentials of Exercise Physiology. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
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Taylor, J. & Beashel, P. (1997). The World of Sports Examined. London: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. Read More
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