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Prove/ describing the attainment of two competency for environmental health class - Essay Example

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Environmental health concerns itself with the evaluation, identification, and having control of the environmental conditions that are believed to have adverse effects on human health. Examples of areas of concern that are in need of the expertise of environmental health are the…
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Prove/ describing the attainment of two competency for environmental health class
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Extract of sample "Prove/ describing the attainment of two competency for environmental health class"

Download file to see previous pages Through the course I was in a position to develope competency in different fields including;
The course entailed looking at the effects of major environmental and occupational agents on human health and safety. Some of the topics covered in the course included biological agents of environmental health, how the body reacts to environmental pollutants; chemical and biological; solid and hazardous waste and vectors for dissemination (air, water, soil). After covering the above topics, I was better positioned to understand the impacts of such agents in relation to Human safety and health. Some of the effects that I learned include; Such agents have ensured that human health has been protected through coming up with appropriate measures governing the workplaces, the environment and food. The scope of such agents extent to the protection of the welfare and health of animals, plant health, nutritional evaluation and food functional characterizes (Friis, 2010). The agents also have their missions focused on veterinary medical products thus better animal health.
I was able to learn that Environmental and Occupational agents have been in the fore front in conducting risk assessments offering competent authorities with all the relevant and needed information associated with the risks and have also offered technical and scientific support needed to come up with statutory and legislative provisions and implementation of mitigation strategies and risk management. This is evident in different health areas where the agents conduct monitoring, vigilance, alert and reference missions (Friis, 2010). The above knowledge was important to me as it was of great assistance assistance in the identification of the scientific human health effects that are adverse caused by environmental risks factors which are biological, psychosocial and chemical as well as offering explanations on scientific knowledge that is basic on toxicity mechanisms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prove/ Describing the Attainment of Two Competency for Environmental Essay.
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