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Do you act on Rumor or Respect Privacy - Essay Example

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The role of ethics in every business organization is to create an ideal protocol upon which the managements or the company’s tribunals base their judgments. Every company has a set of rules and objectives, and it is upon them that the authorities make solutions to problems…
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Do you act on Rumor or Respect Privacy
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Download file to see previous pages The persisting problem prevailing in the work place concerns morality in the work place, and the degree at which the rumors should prevail in the work place. The employees of the biocides firm are against a married and competent married woman by the name Lilly Kropov, citing an affair with a prominent client to the company. The rumor spreads throughout the company’s workplace through grapevine to the management. The entire rumor emanates from a company’s janitor who alleges to have heard the two in a sexual encounter from the noises emanating from the office, one evening when he was switching on the lights (Cournoyer and Barry 152).
The management should make a decision to curb the prevailing rumors and establish the proximity that such an act occurred in the workplace. According to the ethical code of conduct, an act of immorality is inconsistent and punishable. However, stories about the affair originate from unreliable sources and therefore it is hard to determine the reality of the whole story (Dunham-Taylor, et al 249). The company does not tolerate immorality in the workplace as that could ruin the corporate and public images. The management may find difficulty in ruling a case, so pressing on the company’s welfare, yet originating from untrustworthy sources that cannot establish clear evidence as to the occurrence of the event.
The management should first scrutinize the events and the apparent reality that the accusations occurred. This would secure the management the opportunity to establish justice without bias and saving the organization from a stale of operations. The managers should realize that, all the accusations towards Lilly Kropov relayed through the informal channel of grapevine, which has a questionable reliability (Merrell, et al 254). Therefore, any decision against Lilly should halt as far as there is no clear and formal evidence as to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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