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KSARIA provides fiber optic and copper cables, shipboard, connectors, as well as assembling the cables. It also installs and repairs cable plant for military…
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Initial Research findings- KSaria Part 2
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Initial Research Findings- kSARIA Part 2 The KSARIA Corporation manufactures and installs aerospace and military cable for the plant communication infrastructure. KSARIA provides fiber optic and copper cables, shipboard, connectors, as well as assembling the cables. It also installs and repairs cable plant for military and commercial aircraft. They also provide services for military bases, ships, and tactical equipment (“Wards Business Directory” 191). Moreover, it conducts cable interconnect and design services. KSARIA provides logistical operations management for its materials through the on-site installation and testing, service termination, cleaning, repair kits, tools, and consumables. The KSARIA Corp. also offers field services including cable plant installation, on site plant management, shipside logistic support, in-situ testing and field terminations as well as research and development of cable design services (“Wards Business Directory” 161). Despite the provision of these services, KSARIA Corp. is facing numerous challenges especially in Positioning and Assembly of Fiber Optics.
The current outstanding deliverable gap that affects the productivity in its service delivery is inefficient qualification methods of repairing the damaged fiber optic cable particularly on the naval aircraft. The solution to this problem has been replacing the damaged cables with effective cables. Notably, this measure is intensively expensive and time consuming (“Wards Business Directory” 177). This leads to operation gap that incorporates complete cleaving has a method of preparing the ends of the optical fibers for splicing. This method is not effective since its leads to low yields and requires high technical skills that KSARIA lacks. Additionally, the method has proven immensely sensitive to be applied or deployed in harsh military environments.
The most challenging task is the optical fiber and component alignment and positioning is often experiences during the photonics assembly. This problem often interferes with the accuracy of submicron thereby interfering with the high stability and reasonable resolution required when coupling optic fire with laser light. This process is referred to active alignment, and it involves coupling light sources including laser. The process requires one end of the optical to define the optimal position of the fiber component (“Wards Business Directory” 188). These operations need precision; otherwise, they often interfere with the Military aircraft industry that leads to management with poor precision. The application of laser light often aims at the amount of signal that occurs across the component-to-fiber junction or component-to-component; thus, loss of signal during transmission interferes or undermines the core or intended functions function of the fiber optics.
The main function of photonics assembly nanopositioning is to align transmission and receiving components thereby minimizing the light lose during optical coupling. It is the responsibility of KSARIA Corp. to line up the fiber core through assembling. In most cases, the assemblers have misaligned these fiber cores leading to loss of signals. KSARIA Corp. management blames this challenge on the miniature nature of the optic fibers. Moreover, they say that the nature of optic fibers is not the same all times since they are manufactured by different manufacturing processes. KSARIA Corp. is also challenged by the unique nature of the optical components physical parameter that interferes with a degree of accuracy during assembling process (“Wards Business Directory” 184).
Despite these Deliverable Gaps of KSARIA Corp., the management must ensure that their clients operations depend on the accuracy of these systems. Therefore, KSARIA Corp. should reevaluate the effective and convenient ways of meeting or serving its customers interest. KSARIA Corp. is currently operating with skilled human operators who might to prompting this ineffectiveness; thus, KSARIA Corp. should deduce effective tools towards offering reliable services to clients.
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Wards Business Directory of U.s. Private and Public Companies. Detroit: Gale Research, 1990. Print. Read More
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Initial Research Findings- KSaria Part 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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