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Final Project Part I: Finding a Study - Research Paper Example

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Gabriel and Violato’s study, ‘Problem-solving strategies in psychiatry: Differences between experts and novices in diagnostic accuracy and reasoning,’ is the selected study for review. This paper discusses the type of research used, its content area, its type of data, and…
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Final Project Part I: Finding a Study
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Extract of sample "Final Project Part I: Finding a Study"

Final project part Finding a study Gabriel and Violato’s study, ‘Problem-solving strategies in psychiatry: Differences between experts and novicesin diagnostic accuracy and reasoning,’ is the selected study for review. This paper discusses the type of research used, its content area, its type of data, and the concept that the study investigates.
The researchers aimed at evaluating and comparing diagnostic ability and the relationship between ability and diagnostic reasoning process among experienced and non-experienced personnel in psychiatry. Its scope identifies an explanatory research. Andrew, Pedersen, and McEvoy define explanatory research as a type of study that seeks to establish reasons for occurrences. The type of study establishes relationships among variables and explains bases for the relationships as well how the relationships exist. Objectives of the type of research is to evaluate relationships and it serves such roles as assessing validity of a theory, developing a basis for inferring a theory to a new area, expansion of knowledge, and development of evidence in a field. The correlation scope of the study is consistent with this definition because it involves evaluation of relationship between expertise in psychiatry and competence in diagnostic reasoning process. This scope is also contrary to the objective of an exploratory research that lacks a specific objective into a study and the scope of descriptive research that that only focuses on a phenomenon (Gabriel and Violato, 2013; Andrew, Pedersen, and McEvoy, 2011).
The study’s content area is psychiatry. Professional background of its authors and its objectives explain this. The authors’ affiliation to psychiatry and education supports this. The purpose of the study and its measurement also identifies psychiatry as the content area. Expertise in psychiatry is the measure of the study’s independent variable because one of the groups was a set of psychiatry experts while another lacked the expertise. The study’s interest also explains the content area as the authors focused on a psychiatric diagnosis (Gabriel and Violato, 2013).
The study is based on primary data. Primary data refers to the type of data that the researcher collects personally from the original source. This differentiates the data type from secondary data that is retrieved from existing publications. The study further involved a non-experimental approach in which the researchers collected data from observing a process. The fact that the applied data did not exist before the researchers’ observation also explains that the researchers developed the data instead of retrieving it from an existing source (Gabriel and Violato).
One of the concepts that the study investigated is the difference in ability to diagnose based on psychiatric expertise. This involved identification of individuals with psychiatric expertise and those without the potential and exposing them to diagnostic process. Success in diagnosis based on case was used to measure the participants’ abilities. The researchers presented the participants with a case that the participants read before giving their diagnosis through loud narrations. Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders and of medical conditions was considered. Time taken to complete a diagnosis was noted and a psychiatrist and a psychologist used to evaluate the participants levels of success (Gabriel and Violato, 2013).
Andrew, D., Pedersen, P. and McEvoy, C. (2011). Research methods and design in sport management. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
Gabriel, A. and Violato, C. (2013). Problem-solving strategies in psychiatry: Differences between experts and novices in diagnostic accuracy and reasoning. Advances in Medical Education and Practice 4, 11-16. Read More
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