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Tip - Assignment Example

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Giving tip or any extra amount to a person who has given services to other people especially in the field of customer service as well as hotel and restaurant services, has become a custom to the Americans. This shows the appreciation of a person to the services offered to them…
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Full On Giving Tip Giving tip or any extra amount to a person who has given services to other people especially in the field of customer service as well as hotel and restaurant services, has become a custom to the Americans. This shows the appreciation of a person to the services offered to them. However, in the modern world, tipping can also become an annoyance to some people. This demands more money from the pockets of customers who are also working hard so that sometimes, they complain about it. Nevertheless, it somehow defines a person in some manners so that other people are forced to give tips even if it against their will. The practice has become a common thing to diners, waiters and other customer servers and customers, alike. Yet there are different reactions to it that it is interesting to note and learn from what people think about the matter.
For the receiver of the tip, it is always a welcomed blessing for them to be given a tip for whatever service they have given. To some, it is considered a just compensation for what they did because whether they work well or not, their salary is often low. Thus, better performances are compensated through tips. However, there are also some who look at customers demandingly, thinking that it is but right for customers to give them tips because of the little favors they have done expecting to be paid in return. Still for others, tips can become a motivation for them to do even better in giving services. This brings problems to the attitude of employees towards customers. Sometimes, workers tend to do better when they serve potential clients whom they think would be benevolent enough to give more money but they would not give their best efforts in serving ordinary people. This brings problems that make customers feel discriminated and unsatisfied which in general affects the waiters, receptionists and other employees in being perceived negatively.
On the other hand, the givers also have different reactions to tips. Some people think about it as a form of begging because they perceive tipping as a forced additional payment that they are obliged to give to the people who served them. Oftentimes, such reactions come from the similarly hard-working people who are not paid very well. However, there are also those who give tips grudgingly considering that they worked harder than the people who served them therefore, they are more entitled to the money than the one who served them. There is the perception that such employees are paid by their employers so they should not give more money to them anymore. For other customers, they are easily pleased with satisfactory services and they demand from themselves a show of gratitude to the people who served them. These kinds of customers give tips cheerfully and often inspire workers to do better in their jobs. This is indeed a wonderful influence on the workers however, employees should always bear in mind to concentrate more on their work rather than the tip they are getting. It is observed that people give more tips when they do not feel obligated by the employees who are obviously waiting for a handsome tip from customers. Probably, the reason for this kind of attitude is the thought of customers having full control of their money, whether they give it or not and that the amount that they would give should be determined by the customers themselves and not the government or the employee. Read More
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Tip Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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