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The differences - Assignment Example

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How does your presidency plan to make a reformation and alteration of these notions through implementation of policies and workable…
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The differences
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Download file to see previous pages There is an increase of feminist movements who are ready to speak on behalf of the oppressed through civic education and constituency awareness (Serano 20). This is being manifested as a women revolution in the realization of one’s identity. How are you going to ensure the movements succeed in their aspirations?
According to Sheryl Sandberg in Why we have too few women leaders, there is an imperative need for women to balance their professions and family life without allowing any compromise (Serano 34). Therefore, in your capacity as president, what will you do to help women find an effective balance to help them in advancement?
In the Combahee River Collective, Black feminists make recollections of their persistent struggle since 1974 in the definition and clarification of the country’s politics (Serano 39). They also recollect their creation of coalitions and promotion progressive movements and organizations. What is your presidency planning to do advance such earlier efforts?
Since the 1880s till the present, different women have attempted their chances at the presidency both in America and other nations to change their nations (Serano 45). They include Blanca Rojas Echaverry of Nicaragua, Dr. Heide Schmidt, Austria and Hillary Clinton among others. How will you ensure women have better chances of clinching top leadership positions to bring change?
Various studies reveal that men have better negotiation skills than women. In the view of Sheryl Sandberg in Why we have too few women leaders, this is has been caused by a culture that demeans women and makes them look inferior in fighting for equal opportunities in the workforce (Serano 13). What is your presidency planning to do to mitigate on this worrying trend?
There is also the problem with a majority of women of color in Women and Family that lack skills, experience and education that prevents them from attaining excellence in several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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