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Camayd freixas interpreting ICE - Assignment Example

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The execution of a raid of Agriprocessors Inc, which is the largest meat packing plant and kosher slaughter house in the nation, by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement with 900 agents involved was the largest operation at a single site in the history of America. On the same…
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Camayd freixas interpreting ICE
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Extract of sample "Camayd freixas interpreting ICE"

Camayd freixas interpreting ICE Lecturer The execution of a raid of Agriprocessors Inc, which is the largest meat packing plant and kosher slaughter house in the nation, by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement with 900 agents involved was the largest operation at a single site in the history of America. On the same Monday, May 12, 2008, there were other 26 federally certified interpreters en route from all over the world to the Waterloo, Iowa, a small neighboring city without any slight idea of what they were to do in that city as a mission. There was ongoing investigation which began almost more than a year ago. Although the office of the clerk at the U.S. District Court had already contracted interpreters almost one month ago, they could not talk about it, since they were not at liberty to do so with the fear of compromising the impending raid. This investigation was reportedly led by ICE from the executive branch with the help of U.S. District Court from the judicial branch. The court had moved to a remote location for two weeks which formed part of their continuity of operation exercise just in case there was no disruption from any emergency such as flood or tornado.
In the process of interpretations during the first day, we had sluggish beginning due to the malfunctioning of the barcode booking system of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This meant that we had to sort out the documents manually and the office of the U.S. Attorney assisted us in processing the documents. Because of this, few, less than a third, detainees could be arraigned on Tuesday. We made rotations in shift due to the many numbers of interpreters available that day. Although the court adjourned after 4pm, there was an overnight prosecution work that planned on a 7am to midnight court during the next day.
I found out more facts about the Agriprocessors such as the factual statistics of arrest and number of employees. However, the more I found out, I felt blind sighted in an assignment that I never needed any part. Although I mastered the whole rationale of the secrecy involved, I understood clearly that the interpreter of the contract is the one with the right to decline a job that have conflicts with his intuitional morals. I had however been deprived of this opportunity. I was already in anyway and at some point I considered withdrawing seriously from the assignment as a federally certified interpreter for the first time in 23 years due to conflict of interest. Nevertheless, I had both the contractual and ethical obligation to have a withdrawal in case of conflict of interest compromising neutrality.
Days past by in the court room with some being long, short, while others beginning as early as 6:45am. The interpreters took most of their time in the first three days to pair up with their defense attorneys in assisting in the interview of the clients. On average, the 17 defendants were represented by every 18 appointed attorneys. We interviewed most of them in jail because by this time majority had been taken to county and state prisons throughout the eastern Iowa. After a series of such events, there were protests by the citizens featuring in the evening news. This was due to the criminal prosecution of individuals that were spearheaded by the Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys. There other protests in which a mother said, “This is not humane, there has to be a better way.” This shows the level of interpretation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement which became the Department of Homeland Security with broad powers of enforcement and authority.
Bradford, W. (1981). Immigration and Customs Security: a history of US customs raid. London: Prentice Hall. Read More
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(Camayd Freixas Interpreting ICE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Camayd Freixas Interpreting ICE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Camayd Freixas Interpreting ICE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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