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Office gossip - Case Study Example

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The case under-examination arouses few ethical and moral issues, which the individuals are bound to observe in their professional life while performing their duties and obligations in the best interest of their workplace. Although they appear to be emancipated to exercise their…
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Office gossip
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Download file to see previous pages Lilly had been working in the company as a salesperson, where she came across a customer, named Keith Lasky, with whom she was found in an objectionable condition, in her office talking sexy and creating noise with Lasky, which was not acceptable for her co-workers altogether. Since her company had appointed Lilly to enter into sales venture with the customers and clients, and she had been paying due heed to the same by producing excellent results during the course of performing her duties, she should have also kept in view that she was not only under-obligation to increase sales volume of the company, she was also expected to work for the good name and fame of her workplace.
The company had bestowed its unflinching trust in Lilly, and it used to appoint her for its overseas operational services; it is therefore, her developing sexual relationships with one of the customers of the company not only appeared to be disgusting for her co-workers and colleagues, but also this act of her portrayed a very awkward scenario for the company that the sales staff of the company could touch even the bottom for generating business from the customers.
In addition, the wrong-doing initiated by Lilly by developing extra-marital relationship with a customer introduced the condemnable trend that the female sales staff would also have to offer their physical charms for the sexual gratification of the customers in order to promote the company subsequently. Hence, her irresponsible act brought humiliation and defamation to the company, as the customers could communicate the same to the public at large that the company also offers the female staff for the sexual pleasures of the customers for capturing the attraction of others. Moreover, a married woman’s entering into extra-marital relationship with a customer was equally humiliating for her husband and children, as they would never allow such indecent activities. Consequently, her company, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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