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Hierarchy of Ethics - Essay Example

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Such ethics are based on the organizational members that how do they perceive those ethics among themselves. The first element of any ethical hierarchy includes the ethical behavior…
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Hierarchy of Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages ode of conduct which means to educate the employees in way so that they understand the values and principles and thus encouraging ethical behavior in the organization. Third is the obedience to authority which includes following the assigned roles and responsibilities and engaging in reflective practices. The last and main element is to avoid conflict of interest which requires that private interests must not influence the public duties.
However, it is not necessary that such ethical elements are followed properly. They often result in conflicts among the employees. As an example, the PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited) faced various ethical issues due to its complex hierarchy. Due to centralization of top management there was low correspondence between higher and lower staff members. The HR department made biased decisions while hiring new employees. In order to resolve it, the management designed new “Statement of Ethics” which included bringing healthy and friendly relationship with employees by making PTCL hierarchy totally centralized. Moreover, they introduced the culture of indiscrimination and fair practices in all matters (Iqbal, 2012).
I agree with this resolution since practicing such ethical values will provide better work environment to the employees. This will develop confidence in the lower staff and thus they will no more hesitate to express their ideas, interest and knowledge with others and hence will result in progress in all domains.
Iqbal, T. (2012, Jan 17). PTCL management issues revised statements of ethics and personal information form. Retrieved October 26, 2012, from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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