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The objective of the advertisement is to sell the review of the Premier League season DVD, the advertisement contains rights from Sky Sports and the Premier League. It is the review of the last season and it encourages the buyers to buy the DVD although no mention of the DVD has…
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See the dis
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Client’s 25 October The advertisement chosen is a video advertisement; it is a promotional video and also a review. It serves morethan one purpose and it has been very well edited and put together.
The objective of the advertisement is to sell the review of the Premier League season DVD, the advertisement contains rights from Sky Sports and the Premier League. It is the review of the last season and it encourages the buyers to buy the DVD although no mention of the DVD has been made in the advertisement.
Everything matches well, the background is perfect. It is about 3 minutes long and it shows all the major moments of the last year’s campaign and it has been edited to perfection, the clarity of the advertisement is also very good, it is clutter free from all angles.
The advertisement personality matches the product perfectly, it is a review DVD and it captures the essence of last season and serves well for a promotional advertisement.
The attention grabbers are many in this advertisement, the music is outstanding, the clips are amazing and it is the right mixture of all the important emotions, that’s what makes it a perfect advertisement.
There are billions of people who watch the Premier League and I am one amongst them so yes, I use this service and several other products associated with this service.
The advertisement is persuasive, and even the non football lovers would want to watch a few games after seeing this brilliant promotional video. Read More
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See the Dis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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See the dis

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