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HCL gas detection by using manual air sampling pump - Lab Report Example

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The gas Detector Tubes were early developed in 1900s at Harvard University with the sole purpose of measuring the carbon monoxide gas (Baker, & Doerr, 1999). The early tubes were designed mainly in confined space entry, for instance, in the mining industry, where the CO and H2S…
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HCL gas detection by using manual air sampling pump
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Download file to see previous pages This, thus imply that, the Gas Detection Tubes were adopted in testing of more than 130 hazardous gases and vapors. Some of The such gases include Ammonia, Chlorine, Carbon monoxide, Bromonzene, formaldehyde, Hydrogen sulfide, Nitrous fumes, Hydrogen peroxide, Hexane, Hydrogen chloride, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, phosphine among others (Bamberger, 1988). The detector tubes are the flame sealed glass made tubes that contain treated adsorbent granules that often react specific compounds thereby causing the given adsorbent to change its color. When in use, a sample is first collected through the process of attaching the detector tube onto some special bellows-type pump, which takes up a given known volume of air during each stroke. This is followed by measuring the length of the adsorbent bed, which would have undergone the color change. In this method, a gas sample is pulled through the glass tube with a reagent and a reaction between the solid reagent and the gas forming a characteristic color that is quite irritating odor. Although not considered as a combustible gas, it may react and form combustible compounds when it is in contact with hydrogen cyanide and alcohol or with aluminum-titanium alloys. Dissolving Hydrogen Chloride gas in water yields a strong highly corrosive acid, HCL. It is for this reason that HCl gas is a strong irritant to the nose, eyes, and upper respiratory tract. HCL levels of 35 ppm can cause irritation to the throat even within a very short period of time. The manual sampling pump is a springless design for accurate 50 and 100 cc sample volumes pump. The flow finish indicator signals the stroke completion and build in tube tip breaker for a clean break every time. The hand operated precision piston works with the RAE System gas detection tubes (Bamberger, 1988). The features flow –finish indicator is used to signal stroke completion, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“HCL gas detection by using manual air sampling pump Lab Report”, n.d.)
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(HCL Gas Detection by Using Manual Air Sampling Pump Lab Report)
HCL Gas Detection by Using Manual Air Sampling Pump Lab Report.
“HCL Gas Detection by Using Manual Air Sampling Pump Lab Report”, n.d.
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