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“Materials accumulated on a membrane surface, which cannot be removed by cross-flow, back flushing, or back pulsing, can lead to irreversible adhesion, resulting in permanent permeability loss or membrane fouling”. (Escobar et al, 2005).
In a situation of back flushing,…
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Download file to see previous pages ne elements and experiments results obtained are as a result of the differences in element manufacturing techniques, varied test conditions and dissimilar testing methods.
c. Polymerization fouling from styrene in kerosene. According to other writers, Rose et al. (2000) and Wilson and Watkinson (1996), this model can be used to adequately characterize other cases of chemical reaction fouling.
In conclusion, broad ranges of variations were noted with the permeability of virgin membranes. Feed water conditions and some types of coagulation should always be evaluated in the back washable and non-back washable components of the fouling. As depicted in the graphical representation above, a lower MFI at the initial filtration processes wouldn’t necessarily perpetuate high rate of back washable fouling.
Escobar, I.C., Peng, Weihua, White, Donald B. “Effects of Water Chemistries and Properties of Membrane on the Performance and Fouling - a model development study”. J. of Mem. Sci. 238, (2005): 33-56. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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