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Narrative - Assignment Example

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In 1858, gold was discovered in the general environs of Pikes Peak, a few miles east of the anterior range of the Colorado Rock Mountains and the twin town of Auraria and Denver City. Discovery of gold at the Pikes Peak made a source of attraction for the unsuccessful…
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Extract of sample "Narrative"

Assignment Narrative: Discovery of Gold in Colorado In 1858, gold was discovered in the general environs of Pikes Peak, a few miles east of the anterior range of the Colorado Rock Mountains and the twin town of Auraria and Denver City. Discovery of gold at the Pikes Peak made a source of attraction for the unsuccessful Californian miners, and other civilians who have left their homes in order to search for gold in Colorado, hence deal with the problems created by the economic depression. Nevertheless, the paper seeks to narrate the story concerning the discovery of gold in Colorado.
On 5 January 1859, gold was brought from the Cherry creek placers after an advent to Omaha form the Rocky Mountains, whereby the precious metal was in goose quills (Morton, 2). Approximately 100,000 gold seekers had set out for Colorado in 1859, though less than a half of that number reached the pike’s Pike region. On the other hand, the invasion of the prospectors, merchants and promoters settled in Denver, which they considered a significant regional center. Therefore, this made the city a substantial destination point for immigrants and stage routers, since around nineteen guidebooks for immigrants were published during the period between 1858 and 1859.
Bob Womack was the prospector who discovered the rich gold ore, which touched the off Cripples Creek Gold Rush, and this reached the country at the western slopes of Pike Peak that became the settlement area for other prospectus. After the discovery of gold in Colorado, there were substantial prospects of gold trading as an appearing business venture, other than the food and pack animals. In this case, people took a shovel, a gold pan, and they required to be determined in order to get in to the gold business. In this case, numerous gold seekers set out for St Louis, which was a bus trading and supply center at the meeting point of Missouri and Mississippi river.
In conclusion, the paper has offered an overview of various accounts relating to the discovery of gold in Colorado, which relates to the location of the gold fields and the migration of miners searching for gold. Moreover, the story points out that discovery of gold in Colorado were a relief for the miners who were unsuccessful in their gold exploration, in California. Therefore, the story has covered all the significant events that relate to the discovery of gold in Colorado.
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Morton Sterling. "The Discovery of Gold in Colorado". Transactions and Reports, Nebraska State Historical Society. Available at: [Accessed on 18 October 2012] Read More
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Narrative Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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