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Find an article about plate tectonics(within the last 2 years 2012-2014) and summary the article - Assignment Example

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For a number of years now many scientists thought that the idea of plate tectonic was just another myth and that it never existed within our solar system apart from the Earth, but now some scientists have discovered that behind the geological phenomena which causes the huge…
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Find an article about plate tectonics(within the last 2 years 2012-2014) and summary the article
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Extract of sample "Find an article about plate tectonics(within the last 2 years 2012-2014) and summary the article"

Plate Tectonics on Mars Introduction For a number of years now many scientists thought that the idea ofplate tectonic was just another myth and that it never existed within our solar system apart from the Earth, but now some scientists have discovered that behind the geological phenomena which causes the huge movement associated with crustal plate under the planet’s surface also the same happen on Mars. Mars illustrates to us how the earth might have looked many years back because it is still at its primitive stage in terms of plate tectonic. This might be of great important to help us understand with in-depth how plate tectonic processes began happening on earth. Behind this discovery is Yin who was a well known UCLA professor specialized in Earth space science and the author who was responsible for the research.
During the analysis that was done on the images captured by the NASA satellites using its spacecraft called THEMIS (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms) together with the HIRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) powerful cameras. The professor took a total of about 100 satellite images and analyzed them which revealed plate tectonic activities, with his experience in conducting a lot of geological research in area like Himalayas and Tibet which hold world major plates divide, he took keen study on the images from Mars and discovered that a lot of features looked similar to those on earth especially those that were found Himalayas, Tibet, California as well as geomorphology.
For instance, the professor discovered very smooth and at the same time flat canyon wall which can only develop due to the effect of a fault. There was also a steep cliff that looked the same as that found around California’s Death Valley developed due to the fault. Yin also discovered linear volcanic zone which draw a conclusion of plate tectonic activities. “These are features that are very rear to be seen in our solar system apart from planet earth and Mars” said Yin, a professor whose work is respected by many and become the cover story in August 9, 2012 issue of the common journal lithosphere
Mars surface has some of the longest and deepest ever system that contains canyons that has never been seen in our solar system which is called Vallies Marineries. It is estimated to be about 2,500 miles in length approximately nine times more compare to the earth’s Grand Canyon. Many scientists up to now are left wondering how this was formed, whether it was a big crack that happened on Mars’s shell forcing it to open is a question that lingers into many scientists’ minds (
For example the location found on the earth’s continents are said to be in motion because of the movements influenced by the tectonic plates which are found under the oceans between the two places i.e. continental crust and the oceanic crust. The presence of tectonic activities in different regions across the continent like north America provide a lot of contradicting information between the interior part of the continent and the margins, for instance Colorado plateau, Atlantic, gulf coast margin without forgetting the Grand canyon. One of the most common effects of tectonic activities in relation to human being is the occurrence of earthquakes, extreme erosion, glacial or landslides shows a clear demonstration of human-earth relationship, this results into the lose of life and property as well.
Therefore, as the professor went on with his analysis, at the beginning plate tectonic did not come out as the main idea but as Yin went on the scientist discovered that Mars was very distinct from what many other scientist thought of and that was the idea of a big crack opening up which was wrong. He argues that, it was a plate boundary which has the horizontal motion.
Work cited
Wolpert, Stuart. "Scientist Discovers Plate Tectonics on Mars." ScienceDaily 9 Aug. 2012. University of California, Los Angeles. Web. 18 Nov. 2014. . Read More
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