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Analyse and Critically evaluate Human Factors when applied to a Case Study - Essay Example

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Kennedy International Airport to Las Americas International Airport situated at Dominican Republic. Soon after the takeoff, on November 12 in the year 2001 , it was found that Airbus A300 crashed into the Belle…
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Analyse and Critically evaluate Human Factors when applied to a Case Study
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Extract of sample "Analyse and Critically evaluate Human Factors when applied to a Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages It was during September 11, 2001 a major catastrophe took place at the World Trade Center. The American Airlines Flight 587 collide also took place after two months of this assault. Various aspects such as the date, airline, location, eyewitness and time along with the aircraft size made people sceptic of the fact that the crash was another terrorist attempt. As per the Northeast Intelligence Network, Al-Qaeda listed that the crash was among one of its successes. Furthermore, the Canadian activist who was collaborating with authorities recommended that the fact that shoe bomb was used for causing such attack. However, National Transportation Safety Board officially did not announce the cause to be a terrorist activity (DailyMail, 2011).
It was further noted that the plane’s vertical stabilizer as well as wheels separated during the flight. It fell into Jamaica Bay. The engines of the plane also separated during the flight. It fell various blocks north as well as east of the main wreckage location. It was because of the post crash fire that destroyed the plane completely. The A300-600 took off soon after the Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 took off from the same runway. The first officer tried to maintain the plane standing with alternating belligerent rudder inputs. The strength of air was generally against the rudder that pressurised the vertical stabiliser and hence broke it off completely because of which the plane lost its control and crashed. According to the National Transportation Safety Board the huge stress upon the rudder was because of the first officer’s needless as well as unnecessary rudder input. It was not because of the wake turbulence led by 747. NTSB also stated the fact that first officer’s attempt at deterring to make use of additional inputs would have assisted in making the aircraft stabilised. The way in which the vertical stabiliser detached bothered investigators. According to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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