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Critique on Responsibilities and Training Needs of paraeducators in Physical Education - Article Example

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If you were conducting research in this area, what would be the next study you would conduct based on the outcome of this study? That is, where do we go from here? What would be the title of your research?
The purpose of the study is to identify the training requirements of…
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Article Critique on Responsibilities and Training Needs of paraeducators in Physical Education
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Extract of sample "Critique on Responsibilities and Training Needs of paraeducators in Physical Education"

Download file to see previous pages The study also pointed out that 68 out of the 76 paraeducators were keen in receiving training. The areas in which training was desired were activity modifications, attributes of students with disabilities, and knowledge of motor development.
An interesting finding that the study has is that less than 50% of the respondents have ever participated in physical education of students. It has been pointed out that the opportunity to participate in physical education through student escort, one-on-ones and cues were not used by this 50%. The participation of paraeducators in student assessments and behavior modification programs were also found to be minimal. Only eight out of the total respondents participated in the above mentioned activities.
The major limitation of the study is its sample population size. Though 138 respondents were to participate, only 55 % of them filled in the questionnaires. This makes the sample size very small and thus is not the representative sample of the studied population. Another major lacuna in the research is that the participants were not blinded on the objectives of the research. This would have resulted in biased responses from the participants. As the results of the study implies on the capacity building of the respondents the chances for this are really high. The study limits its scope to the perceived observations on training requirements and responsibilities of paraeducators. These perceptions of the respondents have not been compared with the available literature. This further questions the scientific backing of the research with reference to the topic of the study. The topic suggests a broader research whereas the study has limited its scope to the perceptions of the participants. The study is further limited to the geographical convenience of the researcher. This further limits its scope from providing a holistic view on the larger
The study would serve as a good resource for further research in the area. The study ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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