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Ethical Behavior - Essay Example

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Ethics, in reality refers to moral philosophy, where one deals with issues of right and wrong by systematizing and defending the concepts of the same (Fieser, 2009). Ethics, in the story of Babbs is a relative term used to highlight the rights and wrongs done by different…
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Ethical Behavior
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Extract of sample "Ethical Behavior"

Introduction Ethics, in reality refers to moral philosophy, where one deals with issues of right and wrong by systematizing and defending the concepts of the same (Fieser, 2009). Ethics, in the story of Babbs is a relative term used to highlight the rights and wrongs done by different parties in the academic fraternity of Texassippi Tech. Therefore, the goal is to identify the most unethical person in all the parties involved and their actions.
Ethics in this story, considering all the parties involved, Babbs would be the person on the wrong based on multiple angles covered in the story. This is especially so by being the origin of all the wrong doings of all the rest. By following the logic of wrong doings, the moment one puts another individual in a position that compromises his or her beliefs morally and logically, one turn into the evil person. This is as is the case with the creation story, in which the tempter was the devil asking Eve to participate in wrongdoing (John, 2010). Therefore, in tempting his friends and acquaintances for exam papers, she is the most unethical person. This is despite the comments given by the acquaintances, which appear to be measures at stopping her from cheating in the exam, especially with Biff. The real deal comes with Rex who shows complete corruption of morality by both lying and extorting money from Babbs, which still appears as a creation of Babbs. However, it appears that Rex’s source of unethical behavior is his greed and innate desire to deceive, or offer punishment to Babbs for not taking her time to do that which is required of her, attend lessons and submit her own work on ethics.
On the other hand, the professor’s lack of ethics is not dependent on Babb’s behavior on the exam but is based on his own bias. In relation to this, the professor is expected to be an individual of high moral standing, where they observe honesty, fairness and pay attention to cheating students, as well as respect their position in power (Friedman et al, 2005). However, professor Wind plenty only portrays his ethics with a bias by punishing Babbs appropriately and sparing another who cheats right before his eyes. This shows his lack of ethics as the concept of right and wrong is not based on relativity, but rather on black and white truth and untruth. Therefore, the professor offers partial justice by letting the student with disability go but still punishes Babbs. This is an extreme case of lack of ethics on the professors side, as it shows how easily swayed he is by explanation or reasons he believes are valid for not rendering justice. This is in spite of the differentiation of the greater evil between failure to submit the paper and cheating in it. In relation to Muffin, it is a case of real ethics at work due to her strong sense of moral justice by reporting the case. This makes her an upright person, as morality should not be a struggle but doing the right thing at the required time, and all for the right reasons, not for personal gain.
In summary, ethics is an issue of right and wrong meaning that there is no greater sense of right or wrong or issue of greater good of evil. Therefore, there is no greater unethical individual in the story, but rather one is either ethical or not based on the choices that one makes in relation to being either right or wrong.
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Ethical Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1. Retrieved from
(Ethical Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Ethical Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Ethical Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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