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The organization has a workforce of about twenty with five executives, who act as leaders of the organization. Most changes that take place at the organization are initiated by the leaders of the organization…
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Multi-Level Change
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MULTI-LEVEL CHANGE The organization in question is a reputable commerce company. The organization has a workforce of about twenty with five executives, who act as leaders of the organization. Most changes that take place at the organization are initiated by the leaders of the organization. Recently, there was a change that was necessitated by a vacancy that was created in the organization. The organization experienced three vacancies at a go and so there was the need to fill the vacancies. Leaders of the organization took a decision to recruit new employees to take up the position. Meanwhile, there were two of these positions were top departmental positions. What this means was that those two positions needed to be occupied by senior employees with long years of experience in the organization’s business. The decision that was taken by the leadership was that two existing employees would be made to occupy the two top positions as a form of promotion for them. This created two new vacancies at the lower rank and three lower rank vacancies in all. Three new employees were subsequently recruited in the organization.
The change created a couple of impact within the organization. At the individual level, the newly promoted employees had their human capital equipped. The promotion also served as an intrinsic motivation for them (Johnson, 2012; Gray-Toft and Anderson, 2008). All in all, their human resource base was enhanced to put up extra ordinary performance for the organization. If for nothing at all, they needed to justify their competence for the new roles that were assigned to them. At the group level also, it can be said that there was a positive impact on organizational functioning. As new group leaders who were very familiar with the existing employees, inter-personal relations became enhanced and easier (Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill, 2003). These two major impacts at the individual and group level ensure that the whole organization experienced sharp growth as the organizational culture was upheld to (Hussey and Hussey, 2007). Thereby, there was a welcoming response to the changes.
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