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Social change Questions - Essay Example

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The advent of technology, particularly computers, has dramatically transformed our way of living. For example, computers and the internet transformed the way businesses are being conducted today. The creation of web applications served as the catalysts for faster economic…
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Social change Questions
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Extract of sample "Social change Questions"

14 October The advent of technology, particularly computers, has dramatically transformed our way of living. For example, computers and the internet transformed the way businesses are being conducted today. The creation of web applications served as the catalysts for faster economic activity. Social networking sites changed the way people communicate. It has also developed home-based jobs that offer opportunities for mothers who prefer to supervise their kids but at the same wants to earn while at home. Other changes include advancements in transportation and biotechnology which altered lifestyle and improved medical experience.
2. During the “Battle of Seattle” in 1856, various aspects are shown to have reflected social movement: (1) emergence; (2) coalescence; (3) bureaucratization; and, (4) decline. The emergence of the social movement had resulted from the prevalent disagreement by the Indian natives on the new treatise imposed by the territorial legislature. There was an aspect of bureaucratization when the attackers [Indian Natives] fashioned an attack strategy, through the headship of Owhi and Lushi, which eventually led to a bloody battle. A decline was seen to have taken place as a result of the Indian Natives’ retreat from the war due to many wounded and killed soldiers.
3. While it did not play a major issue during the American Revolution, the conflict imperceptibly acted together with Religion. The ratification of Jefferson’s bill created for the establishment of “religious freedom” upheld equality in religious preferences, and which had likewise safeguarded freedom of religious worship; it had bestowed religious freedom to all regardless of their spiritual affiliations or if they believe in God or no. This has made the United States a fountain of freedom and equality. Also, the abolition of the primogeniture laws gradually freed Black Americans from aristocrats and the loyalists. It has brought egalitarianism to the nation and provided equal opportunity to all Americans.
4. The prime mission of the Homeland Security is to maintain security, safety and resistance against terroristic attacks. In order to widen service and spread safety and security upheavals throughout the entire nation, the roles are distributed to the different levels of the government: federal, state, local, et al. The identification of roles is determined by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 that details and executes the functions or responsibilities of each level of the government.
5. The government regulate businesses because of various reasons. But sometimes, they are mostly consumer-related and maintaining level playing field. The government is
[Student’s Last Name] 2
committed to protecting its citizenry by ensuring safety to customers and sellers. For example, the massive production of tobacco products like cigarettes sparked a prevalent debate as to whether it is rightful and constitutional for the FDA to regulate it because of its harmful effects to the human body. While it was initially flip-flopped due to its vagueness in definition and the intent of the products – whether it was produced for its therapeutic effects or for smoking – and in order to maintain a playing field, FDA’s jurisdiction turned to regulation it in some other forms (e.g. warning labels). The primary concern of businesses with regulation is that it reduces production and sales, and eventually revenue for the company. Also, it affects the economic activity of the country that may be cause by job losses.
6. Dominance Theory is beneficial and advantageous because it helps the national economy by extending business not just within the domestic domain but throughout the world. The downside however is that this theory inspires oligopoly and monopoly which cut competition and thereby jeopardizes the consumers. It slows down and steadies asset concentration. On the other hand, stakeholder’s theory is ideal in maintaining the stability of business operating means due mostly to the merged organization of people and even with government agencies; nevertheless, since stakeholder’s theory focuses on fusing stakeholders for a single objective, granting that each stakeholder asserts individual interests may be compromised or stabilized contrary to the other.
7. Three of the historical forces that have caused changed in today’s business environment are the following: (1) globalization of business (2) technological revolution; and, (3) business outsourcing. Globalization of business had encouraged the expansion of businesses to other locations with different business environmental settings. Technological revolution has transformed the way businesses are being conducted today. The advent of “information explosion” which gave birth to computers and the internet expedited the way businesses are carried out internationally. Business outsourcing reduced the commodity prices by companies exporting business to other countries for lower labour costs.
8. Jack Welch maximized profit by cutting jobs. It was remembered that he cut at least 100 thousand jobs between 1981 and 1985. General electric, under his management, reached out to the community by renovating schools, community projects and donations through the Elfun Society – an organization composed of GE employees. In 2000, GE paid a considerably huge amount of money for taxes: 5.7 billion dollars. He has also differed to the implementation of the SEC regulations which affected the executive salary.
Nash, Gary The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the
Struggle to Create America, 2005. Read More
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Social Change Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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