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This was because I had woken up very late. When I was in the bus, I realized I was too hungry and could not wait for the ten o’clock tea. I thus decided to alight at a coffee shop near the school and buy some coffee and doughnuts. When…
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My Worst High School Experience I had to go to school without breakfast. This was because I had woken up very late. When I was in the bus, I realizedI was too hungry and could not wait for the ten o’clock tea. I thus decided to alight at a coffee shop near the school and buy some coffee and doughnuts. When I bought the coffee, I realized it was too hot and I could not take it. I knew we were not allowed to carry such stuff to school. However, I was getting late for school and needed to hurry. I did not want to be late for a third time in one week. I thus hid the doughnuts in my school bag and covered the coffee mug with a piece of paper. I rushed to school and sneaked into class without being noticed by the teacher. When I got into the class, I started sipping my coffee slowly. I would peep through the window to make sure there was no teacher coming into class.
After some time, I started reading a storybook and forgot I was still holding the coffee mug. I did not notice the principal get into class, and none of my classmates warned me. All I realized was that someone had forcefully taken the coffee mug from me. When I looked up, the principal was standing right in front of me. The look on his face scared me. He forced me out of class and made me stay out until teatime. I thought that was all but the worst was yet to come. During teatime, he made me stand in front of the entire school and drink about two liters of coffee from a bucket. I had to do this since I did not want to be sent home. I had misbehaved several times the previous semester and had promised my parents to be disciplined. After finishing the coffee, which was the largest amount I had ever drank I became the subject of gossip for the entire week. Some student referred to me as a glutton and even my friends avoided walking with me for the rest of the semester. It was the most shaming and worst high school experience. Read More
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