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Writing Response 7: Introduction to the PRE Project - Essay Example

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Why is the show still living up to its promise several years after its inception? While earlier proponents had little idea of the central role it would participate in the music…
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Writing Response 7: Introduction to the PRE Project
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A positive contribution of American Idol to popular music Quite often than not, American Idol stands out to beexclusively a single TV show on the air today. Why is the show still living up to its promise several years after its inception? While earlier proponents had little idea of the central role it would participate in the music industry, success stories and the big names the show has created over the years speaks it all. All said and done, American Idol produced and still produces singers and musicians who bag prestigious annual music awards in the entertainment circuit.
True to its promise the music quality that comes out of the show concludes the whole idea: a cylinder that churns out popular music star. Right from the auditions, competition and finals, the participating teams actually get into the art of singing, creating with its originality, uniqueness and creativity that stands on its own rights. Of all the awards, Granny Awards has been a force to reckon with in the American Idols circuit. In this endless list include big screen names like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson who have separately won the Granny Awards on more than one separate count. (Canfield, Hansen and Poneman)
The creativity within the show organizing brain-work is so powerful that many of the participants still leave the show as winners in their own right even if they were not actually voted for. For instance look at Chris Daughtry, do you the music industry and the fan base could have recognized this immense musical talent if American Idol would not have been there? But even with fourth position at the Awards, Daughtry went further and released the first hit album.
The audience’s involvement in the American Idol greatly impacts the popular music industry. With the large fan base, huge sales margins are always realized and in turn the Idol hits at the music talent in the industry so that the talent is heard by the masses, an opportunity that they would never hear in their entire lifetime. With their TV coverage and the huge masses that the show always draws to its side is ever fascinating always up front in bringing technology to the music industry. The Idol’s strategy is quite simple: give the masses an opportunity in casting and shaping a talent. A unique reality layout blended with music and celebrity, create the American Idol as an innovative show. (Canfield, Hansen and Poneman)
The fact that American Idol gets music out of talents to people’s ears gives it the influence in the music business. The viewers who are the consumers of these compositions are treated to a variety of music from different personalities with diverse background. With their reputation in winning various Awards helps anchor good image for the show as it seeks to create a cultural tyranny in the pop music arena.
With the likes of Clarkson’s success in her musical career, Daughtry and Underwood, it is still justifiable that American Idol has stood up to its promise, not just creating an isolated case of musical singer, but rather creating and molding team of pop talents that can stand up to the competition and survive the lyrical criticism.
Work cited
Canfield, Jack, Mark Victor Hansen and Debra Poneman. Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul: Stories from the Idols and Their Fans That Open Your Heart and Make Your Soul Sing. Deerfield Beach, Florida: Hci, 2007. Read More
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