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An accumulated effect of this disinterest is the lack of information about the practice of community health. Your suggestion of the use of a “classroom blog where…
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Clinical Teaching/Learning Experience posts
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Clinical Teaching/Learning Experience posts Affiliation: Response to Christina Asnoted in your experience, most nursing instructors lack an interest in training students in community health. An accumulated effect of this disinterest is the lack of information about the practice of community health. Your suggestion of the use of a “classroom blog where students share” their experience is insightful as the blog will create a reference base for future students who are interested in community health by painting a picture of what to expect in community health (Billings and Halstead, 2009).
Response to Vicki
“As an instructor you must understand the clinical environment and work with…the students [to] synthesize the knowledge gained in the classroom and make application to practical situations.” I think you taking the step to familiarize yourself with the environment in which you were teaching were a good move as it made you prepared before meeting the students. Also the use of the competence tests is important to evaluate yourself as well as your students in the material you are teaching and learning respectively (Tanner, 2005).
Response to Chrystal
It is more important to teach than it is to grade or rate the performance of nurses. The approach to “offer assistance during the first procedure while in progress, without negative impact on grading as long as patient safety is maintained” is a commendable one as it takes the pressure off the student to just pass and reinforces the importance of getting the procedure right, even if it means the student seeking help. This fosters a willingness to enquire when not sure (Bradshaw and Lowenstein, 2011).
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Tanner, C. (2005). “The art and science of clinical teaching.” Journal of Nursing Education, 44(4), 151-152. Read More
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