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Assignment One - Essay Example

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The creation of ICT infrastructure is essential not only in the public sector but also within the society. Businesses and other…
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Assignment One
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Extract of sample "Assignment One"

Download file to see previous pages As the utilization of ICT increases with the creation of new applications, the governments continue to adopt these services. The implementation of the ICT technologies by governments matches the millennium development goals (MDG’s) that focus on digitizing government services.
Although embracing some of the ICT technologies strains the financial budgets of countries, all governmental stakeholders agree that it is immensely critical in facilitating public services. Evidently, there has been an evolution of modern communication methods. The methods through which citizens interact with the government have changed remarkably from counter transactions to digital channels, for example, government websites. Rwanda is one of the countries that are currently incorporating ICT technologies in their governance structures (Watkins, 2008). This entails public sector services such as healthcare, license acquisition, taxation and education. Due to this, the government will be able to provide better services.
The adoption of ICT solutions by various countries is in coherence with the globalization objective of computerizing administration procedures. The digitization processes are within the millennium development goals (MDG’s) of developing counties. ICT enhancement addresses Rwanda’s MDGs. The Rwandan government acknowledges the rising utilization of ICT in daily lives of its citizens. Consequently, the enhancement of government services through the ICT will be highly beneficial. It will assist the governance process in achieving exemplary echelons of performance. Furthermore, ICT adoption will increase the interaction of the authorities and citizens, further enhancing responsiveness of Rwanda’s government to their citizens’ concerns. For example, the Rwandan health ministry can create websites that focus on the needs of the citizens (Watkins, 2008). This means the citizens can apply health services online and share information. Additionally, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment One Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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