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Please answer the following questions - Assignment Example

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Organization structure-This is a frame work which is hierarchical in nature and helps the organization to arrange itself within the line of the authority. It entails the communication with the allocation of rights and duties. It determines how the roles and responsibilities are…
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Please answer the following questions
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Download file to see previous pages Functional structure classifies the people with the function they perform.
Divisional structure- These are structures which based upon various divisions within organizations. This is further divided into; product structure which is based on the organizational of the staff and a duty which is based on different products the company produces. Market structure which classifies the employees according to the market the company deals in. Geographical structure which is applicable to organizations working in different places (Schein 59).
Other kinds of structures include; bureaucratic structures, pre bureaucratic structures, network structure and team structure. Bureaucratic structures are advantages in organizations with complex managements. Pre bureaucratic is suitable when administration is centralized. While network structure help maintain coordinates.
b) What is organizational culture-These are the behaviors and the values that explain the social uniqueness and the organizational psychological environment. It is therefore the summation of organizations preset and past experiences and philosophy hat defines and hold the organization together. It is rooted on the customs, beliefs, attitudes and norms. It is manifested through the strength of the staff, flow of power and information, autonomy and freedom in the organization and the ways business is conducted in the organization. The organization culture is regarded either strong or weak. This is depends on how it spreads within the organization. Culture affects organizations productivity and the quality. It also influences marketing and advertising strategies.
In India the major drivers are power distance; people are not equal in the society 77. Individualism; this explains the degree of interdependence maintained among members is rated at 48 Masculinity/Feminist indicating success n competition 56. Uncertainty and avoidance and the long term orientation which involves dealing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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