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Critique art piece in an analytical and historical context - Essay Example

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It is an astonishing masterpiece of great Italian Art with superstitious history revolving around it, as it was nearly finished as the palace of Varsai which collapsed where it was kept. After that it was…
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Critique art piece in an analytical and historical context
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Extract of sample "Critique art piece in an analytical and historical context"

Download file to see previous pages This master piece has a unique history as it was a wedding gift from Raphael to his close friend Lorenzo Nasi whose house was completely ruined by an earthquake and this master piece was broken into seventeen pieces. It was refurbished in 2008 by Patrizia Riitano, however, the visibility of the damage is still be seen.
The title of the Art selected for the study is “Madonna of the Goldfinch”. This beautiful picture was painted by one of the great painters and architect, Raffaello Sanzio. This great picture was made by “Oil on Wood” during 1505-1506. It has a dimension of 107 cm × 77 cm (42 in × 30 in). The selected art was made on “Florentine Art” which was extremely unique at that time in Europe. This master piece is present in the Galleria Degli Uffizi, Florence. This great painter was born on 6th April 1483 in Urbino Italy. He lost both of his parents at the age of four. It was painted by him at the age of 23.Majority of his work was primarily done in Vatican. If analyzed closely, Rafaello’s work consisted of three different phases i.e. this work in early phase was under the influence of his teacher, the second phase reflects his city work for four years and the final was the par excellence period where he produced his classy work. His work boomed especially when he approached “The Florentine Art Circles” (Bossy et al., 2001).
Raffaello Sanzsio was famous for his elegance and beauty that is why well respected and loved widely from pope to women. The death took him at very early age of thirty seven however his artist work remained alive and divine for the generations to come. The master piece with the natural eye is a treat to watch. It is even more pleasure to see if someone read the history about the painted pitcher; from the eye to describe the picture depicts the personnel namely Mary, Christ, and John Baptist which is a beautiful miniature ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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