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Espionage - Term Paper Example

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Without aptitude about the capabilities and plans of others and protecting one’s own plans from being ascertained, the state’s foreign policy would be ineffective and doomed to failure…
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Extract of sample "Espionage"

Download file to see previous pages It is commonly regarded as spying that entails secretly gathering of information about a competing industry or a foreign government without the holder’s consent of the information. The term can be a reference to economic, political, or business decisions. However, espionage is common to government defensive and foreign policy. Espionage is intrinsically taken for granted, and in many cases punishable by law. Generally, many associates the term with state spying for military purpose that play a crucial role in planning combat phases. The term is an old ancient craft used throughout history in various instances such as in the Bible in the book of numbers when leaders sent spies to scrutinize a country. Still, the cold war relied on intense espionage activities that helped to establish the nuclear weapons secrets. Following this, one can affirm that large corporations and governments make use of espionage to varying degrees. This paper seeks to discuss the origins of Espionage, its’ famous cases, targets, and various agents and techniques used to collect this information.
Espionage is one of the most known activities of treason. It categorized as political crime that involves transmitting and gathering information correlated to the intent of national defence. Espionage events are well acknowledged throughout history and recorded in ancient documents such as the Bible (Buckley, 2010). In the Bible, one can trace the term in the book of Numbers when Israelites secretly surveyed the country of the Canaanites. Moses dispatched some spies from each Israelites tribe to survey the land of Canaanites for forty days. The intended purpose was to gather information about agriculture and events of the country and efficiently use this information to conquer the land. This was the land promised by God to Abraham that he would posses for future generations, Isaac. Eventually, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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