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College Admission - Admission/Application Essay Example

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During my early years, I naturally gravitated towards computer science during to my interest in numbers and electronics. Growing up in an underdeveloped country like Azerbaijan meant that…
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College Admission
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Extract of sample "College Admission"

Essay A Ever since I was a young child, I have been motivated to be the best that I can be. During my early years, I naturally gravitated towards computer science during to my interest in numbers and electronics. Growing up in an underdeveloped country like Azerbaijan meant that opportunities were limited for me. Although life was tough, I achieved concentrated on my studies and achieved highly. Unlike many others, I saw education as a way out of a desperate situation and something that could provide a future for me long term. After graduating from high school, my dreams were realized when I was accepted to one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. This further encouraged me, as I knew that all my hard work had paid off and would continue to bear fruit so long as I kept a high standard for my education.
Once I arrived in Turkey to attend [enter university name here], I set my sights on a Mechanical Engineering major. After one year of this, I felt as though I had no passion for the subject and so I promptly change to major to one of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. For the next three years, I strived to only deliver my best work at all times; it paid off when I was received a GPA of 3.88 and high honors. At this time I had reached a crossroads in my life; I could either be satisfied with what I had already achieved, or I could pursue higher education and realize all of my dreams. I chose the latter, and decided to come to the United States in May of this year to study at [enter university name here]. Having studied for the summer 2012 term and experienced university life in the current fall semester of 2012, I have decided that the best course of action for me is to transfer to the UT Computer Science department. I feel excited about this opportunity and I am sure that I will grab it with both hands.
Essay E
One issue that is close to my heart is that of Internet censorship. I strongly believe that every citizen should have the freedom to view any information on the Internet that they so choose. Azerbaijan is a country that is well-known for cracking down on those who use the Internet to discover truth about the government. Internet censorship should be looked down upon because it restricts freedom of speech, can cause social unrest, and weakens the economy.
Freedom of speech is a major foundation of any democracy. In order for a democracy to thrive, freedom of speech must be upheld. Humans are naturally inquisitive, so it is no surprise that the Internet is thought of as a means to disseminate information for the benefit of the people. Allowing citizens to discover any information that may expand their knowledge can only be good.
Another reason why Internet censorship should not be pursued is because it may lead to social problems. Countries that censor the Internet are also generally well-known for violent protests. The Middle East is one area that has recently experienced violence, and while the Internet cannot be solely to blame, there is an indirect link.
Continuing on with the same theme, countries that promote Internet censorship are also likely to have developing economies. Countries like these have populations who have little experience with technology such as Internet, so it is easier for governments to protect citizens from websites that may be damaging in the eyes of the leaders of the country. Read More
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