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Emergency Management 670 - Essay Example

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The main reason that this issue is real and important in disaster management planning is that there are a number of risks that are completely unpredictable while others are…
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Emergency Management 670
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Extract of sample "Emergency Management 670"

Emergency Management Question The issue of whether to trade off between mitigation and response in disaster management is a realissue. The main reason that this issue is real and important in disaster management planning is that there are a number of risks that are completely unpredictable while others are not. The method of managing such a risk would be chosen depending on whether a risk is predictable or not. The other factor that would determine whether the management of a disaster should be done using mitigation or response planning will be determined by whether the risk is preventable or not.
However, it is good to know that mitigation and response are two very important aspects of each disaster management plan, due to the fact that they complement and supplement each other (Avery et al., 2008). In this regard, the most important thing to do even while choosing to trade off is by making sure that if one is favored for a specific risk, the other will still be financed even if in only a small portion of the budget for that particular risk.
Question 2
The best way for local government to deal with the situation is by treating each risk individually, and having a budget for each risk. This will allow each risk to be considered in terms of its characteristics and then based on these characteristics; the disaster management team can decide whether it is important for mitigation or response planning. Some risks such as those that are predictable and preventable will be better managed using mitigation planning while those that are less predictable and less preventable will be better managed using response mechanisms. Whether to trade off between response and mitigation should however be considered for each type of risk individually, rather than for the overall risks that face a community (Mueller & Stewart, 2011). This is because each risk is unique and would require a unique risk management method. For the risks that are preventable and predictable, the authorities can choose to use mitigation to manage the risks. On the other hand, for those risks that are not predictable, the best way is to prepare for a comprehensive response. In a nutshell, if each risk of a disaster is considered individually, then it is possible to trade off between mitigation and response for the risk of that disaster.
Question 3
The efficiency of a disaster management plan is dependent on both mitigation planning as well as response planning (Hess & Gotham, 2007). It is therefore not entirely correct to argue that a response plan or a mitigation plan can be ideal for the management of a disaster. Even in cases where the risk being managed can be best managed using mitigation mechanisonms, it will still be important for there to be a response planning, because there is never a guarantee that the mitigation planning will work. The famous saying that “even the best laid plans fail” is very true, especially in cases of managing a disaster. Because of this, it is important that both mitigation and response planning be used for disasters, especially those with high ability to destroy human life. However, according to the National Emergency Management Association (2011), due to budgetary restraints, these can be used in varying proportions for each of the responses. For instance, if a certain risk has been assessed and found out that the best way to mitigate it is by putting down a mitigation plan, the budge for that risk can be split in say 90 percent mitigation and ten percent response.
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National Emergency Management Association. (2011). State emergency management director handbook. Lexington, KY: National Emergency Management Association. Read More
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Emergency Management 670 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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