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Should marijuana be legalized or kept illegal - Assignment Example

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For people like me, like I was before I studied this subject, people who are unfamiliar with marijuana, I selected ten sources with medical argues pro legalizing marijuana and I wrote ten positive conclusions.
The common objective of the following studies is to provide the…
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Should marijuana be legalized or kept illegal
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Extract of sample "Should marijuana be legalized or kept illegal"

Should marijuana be legalized or kept illegal? In order to gain a complete understanding of marijuana true effects it is necessary to examines all aspects of this explosive subject.
The studies of harmfulness of marijuana are inconclusive and contradictory.
No one wants to encourage the use of drugs!
For people like me, like I was before I studied this subject, people who are unfamiliar with marijuana, I selected ten sources with medical argues pro legalizing marijuana and I wrote ten positive conclusions.
A number of movements to legalize to use of marijuana have been gaining lately and the policymakers and medical experts have expressed alarm about the growing problem of marijuana.
It’s true that even legal substances like coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and many other legal products can be harmful if abused. Why we would allow the extension of this enormous list?
The people disagree about what’s considered “moral”. As a result we can’t define morality and even more legislate morality.
Marijuana – or “cannabis” as it is more properly called can be a good medical option and may be used as a treatment for people with serious medical condition.
In my judgment, cannabis as a smoked product would not be a useful product, it is only an option for people who are in pain.
I have selected ten medical pro marijuana opinions, but however, I even think that marijuana must be kept under control by legal protection.
What Are the Pro Argues for Marijuana?
The common objective of the following studies is to provide the talking points, the main researches results and detailed information needed to make persuasive arguments which must be a prominent part of the public debate over legalization.
Occasional use of marijuana may have positive effects, in the short term, on pain control, appetite, mood and management of chronic symptoms like pulmonary function or cancer. (Mark J. Pletcher, 2012).
Investigators at The Zucker Hillside Hospital in Long Island, NY compared the performance of 50 bipolar subjects with a history of cannabis use versus 150 bipolar patients with no history of use. According to clinical data published online, the bipolar patients with a history of cannabis use demonstrate superior neurocogitive performance compared to patients with no history of use. (Raphael J. Braga, 2012).
Use of marijuana for medicinal purposes remains controversial, and we do not advocate its widespread use. However, that in certain circumstances, specifically when patients are using marijuana to relieve nausea, marijuana is not associated with lower rates of adherence (de Jong, 2005).
Smoked marijuana is effective in reducing chronic ongoing neuropathic pain as well as acute pain in the experimental pain model (Donald Abrams, 2005).
Cannabis users had better cognitive functioning than patients without cannabis use in several domains including design memory, verbal fluency, object assembly, block design, picture completion, picture arrangement, and face recognition memory (John Stirling, 2004)
The majority of patients with multiple sclerosis develop troublesome lower urinary tract symptoms. The conclusions after researches: there were few troublesome side effects, suggesting that cannabis-based medicinal extracts are a safe and effective treatment for urinary and other problems in patients with advanced (Ciaran M. Brady, 2004).
Smoked and oral cannabinoids (marijuana) did not seem to be unsafe in people with HIV infection (Donald Abrams, 2003).
Pain, sleep and mood were most frequently reported as improving with cannabis use, and high and dry mouth were the most commonly reported side effects. We conclude that cannabis use is prevalent among the chronic non-cancer pain population, for a wide range of symptoms, with considerable variability in the amounts used (Mark A. Ware, 2003).
Marijuana significantly reduced ratings of queasiness and slightly reduced the incidence of vomiting compared to placebo. These findings support and extend previous results, indicating that smoked marijuana reduces feelings of nausea and also reduces emesis in this model (Anna H. Soderpalm, 2001).
The marijuana positive effects as a medical treatment for people with serious medical conditions was clear demonstrated in many researches. As Ethan Russo (2008) statement: “we believe that cannabis can be a safe and effective medicine with various suggested improvements in the existing Compassionate IND program."
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Ethan Russo, MD, Senior Medical Advisor at the Cannabinoid Research Institute (2008). Cannabinoids in the management of difficult to treat pain. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management. Retrieved from Read More
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