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Fema : Department of defense : The power of the news media - Essay Example

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FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency; Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act of 1988 describe the government’s responsibility after a major disaster (Government Accountability Office, 2012). The Report to Congressional Requesters titled “DISASTER…
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Fema : Department of defense : The power of the news media
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Download file to see previous pages The report has its pros and cons relating to the content, structure and information it provides. The report provides much information on the weaknesses of FEMA’s policies in managing DAEs. It achieves its objectives on highlighting the issues such as lack of consistent training for DAEs, unstructured spending on training of DAEs, the decentralised and unsystematic hiring and salary criteria of DAEs, flawed performance appraisal system and so on. The report is detailed and contains almost complete information required by a reader or researcher of the relevant field. On the contrary, the report fails to develop an action plan for FEMA to strengthen the human resource management system that is followed currently. The report fails to provide practical recommendations to enhance the benefits of FEMA by incorporating a better human capital management structure and employee training. The structure of the report seems distorted as the sections are not of equal length. The recommendations section provides a brief information of few lines.
In my view, GAO’s report is informative and of immense importance to the readers. The issue they rose and the information they included uncovers the weaknesses in FEMA’s systems which need to be resolved. It has provided information on topics, which I did not have information of, like the lack of training cost tracks, wages issues, recruitment weaknesses and the unplanned selection criteria of DAEs.
Government Accountability Office. (2012). Disaster Assistance Workforce: FEMA Could Enhance Human Capital Management and Training. Washington, DC: Government Accountability Office. Retrieved from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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