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Qualitative research is usually founded on the intention of conducting a subjective analysis, measuring complex attitudes, beliefs, or emotions and their relationship to the respondents’ social, professional or other relevant environment. It helps researchers to understand the…
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Quanative verses Qualitive
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Qualitative versus Quantitative Research Methods BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE Qualitative versus Quantitative Research Methods Qualitativeresearch is usually founded on the intention of conducting a subjective analysis, measuring complex attitudes, beliefs, or emotions and their relationship to the respondents’ social, professional or other relevant environment. It helps researchers to understand the complex dynamics of human behavior, using such strategies as ethnographic research or phenomenology to illustrate the relationship between behavior and the study environment. Common tools utilized in qualitative research include interviews and observation (Henslin, 2005). A research practitioner using qualitative data will rely on their experience in a specific field of study to make determinations about the data achieved, often with a focus on sociology or psychology to emphasize phenomenon of human actions and emotions. It is the most appropriate method for determining symbolic meanings in a culture or organization.
Quantitative research is based on statistical understanding, a scientific or mathematical approach to research. Through data modeling or correlative research, the researcher can determine whether specific characteristics or attitudes exist in specific demographics. For instance, the survey in quantitative research will often identify specific facts, such as gender, occupation, or political affiliation (Brians, Willnat, Manheim & Rich, 2011). Results of the questions asked can indicate whether any specific trends exist within a certain demographic or mean totals determined, when using ranking scales, to determine majority opinion in an identified sample group of respondents. The ability to take tangible facts and figures from the sample and measure their correlations to a belief can provide valuable, legitimized data results in this type of research.
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Quanative Verses Qualitive Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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