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Writing Response 3: Making Community Choices - Essay Example

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The statement, ‘Whether you believe you have the knowledge or experience to contribute effectively, you can at least practice the writing skills that will allow you, once you do feel more confident about your ability to contribute, to become an eventual voice in these…
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Writing Response 3: Making Community Choices
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Extract of sample "Writing Response 3: Making Community Choices"

Writing response 3: Making community choices Response The ment, ‘Whether you believe you have the knowledge or experience to contribute effectively, you can at least practice the writing skills that will allow you, once you do feel more confident about your ability to contribute, to become an eventual voice in these discussions,’ identifies the importance of confidence in realizing an individual’s ability to contribute to discussions. The statement, with reference to contribution to subject discussions, identifies a void in knowledge or experience that is only filled by confidence towards practice before an individual can be effective in contributing to discussions. I agree with the statement as both valid and rational. The statement is valid because confidence is a form of intrinsic motivational factor that drives an individual towards realizing an objective. Consequently, a person may have, or may believe to poses either or both of knowledge and experience but lack the motivation to apply such features in contributions. This identifies lack of zeal in any advances and a consequential ineffectiveness. The statement is also valid and rational because communication, as applicable to discussion, requires skills that need to be efficient for effective realization of communication objectives. Confidence in personal ability will therefore motivate practice, such as practicing writing skills, in order to improve the ability to contribute during discussions. Writing skills is also a contributory factor to effective communication, whether oral or written. Therefore, confidence plays an important role to practicing writing skills for effective contribution in discussions.
Applying logos to avoid rehashing arguments that audience have already accepted or rejected
Logos defines logics while rehashing means changing a concept’s form without a real transformation of the concept. Logos can therefore be used to avoid rehashing already rejected or accepted arguments from the principle that the audience’s previous reaction was based on the presented concept or content instead of its supportive arguments. As a result, a change in their minds would require an improvement of the original concept or content and not rehashing. The reasoning therefore discourages rehashing by identifying its potential failure (Lester, p. 73).
Response 2
The statement, ‘the more aspects of the problem approach you apply to your community-based project, the more analysis and evidence you will need,’ is true because of the cause and effect relationship. This emanates from the research problem solving approach whose methodology defines applicable methods based on the nature of the problem to be solved. A simple problem will therefore require simple analysis and evidence while a more intensive problem induces the need for more analysis and evidence.
Goal of narrative, analysis, and argument in community writing
The goal of narrative in community writing is to offer information on a subject by describing existing facts on the subject matter. The goal of analysis in is however to answer the question, how, on a subject and to develop reasons for observations. It is therefore a more explorative venture. An argument that presents evidence for a position and offer counter evidence to discredit contrary opinions however aims at persuading audience to a community writing (Roanestate, p. 1).
Works cited
Lester, Paul. Visual communication: Images with messages. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning, 2006. Print.
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