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SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) - Essay Example

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Wriston, the former chairperson and CEO of Citicorp group, is probably the most influential banker of the 20th century, since Alexander Hamilton (Sullivan, 2005). According to Forbes (2005), Wriston brought revolutionary reforms in the banking industry through…
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SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
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Extract of sample "SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)"

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of Personalities; Walter B. Wriston, Huey Long and William Allen White SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of Personalities; Walter B. Wriston, Huey Long and William Allen White
Walter B. Wriston (1970-1984)
Walter B. Wriston, the former chairperson and CEO of Citicorp group, is probably the most influential banker of the 20th century, since Alexander Hamilton (Sullivan, 2005). According to Forbes (2005), Wriston brought revolutionary reforms in the banking industry through innovations such as automated teller machines, interstate banking, MasterCard, and by running credit card business in a way no bank was doing at that time. This made the Citigroup the world`s leading financial institution. We owe him remembrance for his firm belief in expanding free markets and in mobility of capital and information technology---that had created freedom in many places of world at time. He battered down government regulations and interference to make banking far more global than before, but he had to face immense criticism for raising voice for laissez-faire Capitalism. Some blamed Walter for bringing excessive loans to third world countries by contraindicating with government regulations for charging interest. According to his biographer Phillip Zweig: “he was a shy, insecure, and trembling personality” as a rising executive but he revolutionized the old systems in a magnificent way.
Huey Long (1928-1932)
Huey Peirce Long was the former governor of Louisiana and a Democrat politician, reputed as the champion of common people. He was remnant of Populist ideology and criticized Federal Reserve Bank intensely. He believed that its policies were responsible for Great Depression; so he launched Share Our Wealth Plan but failed to elaborate how he will institute it. He was known for extremist mannerism against his opponents, preoccupation with presidential ambitions and flamboyant lifestyle. Long was successful as Louisiana governor in 1928 elections by winning enough support by his enormous campaigns, criticizing corporate sector and depicting the wealthy as parasites. It is also to be noted that he worked more for his state Louisiana, compared to the nation (Brinkley, 1983). His life has enjoyed fascination in literature, movies, and music Just when he started gaining more fame, he was assassinated and this has left his story, headstrong, charismatic yet unaccomplished.
William Allen White (1868- 1944)
William Allen White (1868- 1944); was an influential American journalist, “the Emporia Gazette” former editor, a liberal Republican politician and the leader of Progressive movement in Kansas. He emerged as the spokesperson for the Middle America in his time. White gained attention all over the country because of his undaunted editorials in the Emporia Gazette, against the Democrats and the Populists. The most famous one; “What`s the matter with Kansas?” had a profound impact on the Republican politics (Emporia Gazette, 1944). White was involved through his work in both World Wars His warm sense of humor, articulate editorial pen, and commonsense approach to life benefitted him greatly (Biography). His famous eulogy “Mary White” on death of his 16-year old beloved daughter opens his kindhearted nature onto us. Life magazine (1944) praised his down to earth personality; the magazine referred him as a kind and simple man who used his common sense to get success. White did not get successful as independent Kansas governor but we will remember his promising literature forever.
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