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Strategic Planning and Decision Making - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper "Strategic Planning and Decision Making" focuses on the fact that information concerning categories of the SWOT elements readily available on the internet concerns the strengths and weaknesses of Wal-Mart. This is due to the nature of the analysis involved to gather the information. …
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Strategic Planning and Decision Making
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Extract of sample "Strategic Planning and Decision Making"

2. The source to be ranked first is Kneer (2009), given that it is a book, reviewed keenly by numerous scholars before being published; thus, it has an attribute of reliability and accuracy. The second source to be preferred is MBA lectures (2010) since it belongs to a group of lectures who are capable of offering accurate and reliable information. The third source is (2013) which has reliable information based on ideas gathered from different scholars. The fourth-ranked source is Wendel (2012), which is written by a known author, while (2013) is ranked last due to lack of a specific writer.

3. Information gathered from the SWOT analysis can be applied in making strategic decisions since the manager is able to allocate the relevant resource needed to implement the strategies without under application or over-application of resources. Moreover, the manager is able to identify the weakness in order to focus on improving and strengths to utilize them for a competitive advantage. On the other hand, there is a need to identify the opportunities in the business environment, in this way the managers can utilize these opportunities at the advantage of the business. The business should also focus on identifying the threats faced by the business in order to plan ways for dealing with shortcomings that may arise in future of the businesses.
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